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Who we are

Who we are

Make it possible. Make it happen. Make it fly.

At Airbus, who we are and what we stand for is equally important to what we do.

Our people work with passion and determination to make the world a more connected, safer and smarter place, on the ground, in the sky and in space. Taking pride in our work, we draw on each other’s expertise and experience to achieve excellence. We strive to build our teams on trust and respect, where every voice is heard and valued because we believe there is power in individuals but great power in teams. 

Our core values

The Airbus core values are the foundation of the company culture and reflect what the company means to each employee. They provide a common language for expected behaviours and foster a greater sense of belonging and identification with an increasingly integrated Airbus. 

Airbus believes that its values are best chosen by those who embody them. Nearly 55,000 Airbus employees participated in defining six core values globally: we are one/teamwork, integrity, customer focus, reliability, respect and creativity.

These six guiding values will each be explored in a new series of videos and accompanying articles. At Airbus, every one of us knows that our success goes hand-in-hand with the success of our customers; this keeps a spirit of partnership alight and drives us to act with integrity and achieve the highest professional standards.

Our Unifying Value: We Are One/Team Work!

Watch the video directly on Youtube.

Read more about our values and about We are One / Team Work! 

  • We feel, act and behave as one large family – we are one – and create an engaging and inclusive workplace that favours well-being, fun and trust to drive team work.
  • We partner with our customers to deliver valuable and sustainable solutions together.
  • Our reliability drives our competencies and mindset to deliver on time, on cost and on quality.
  • We treat each other and all stakeholders as we wish to be treated: with respect, embracing diversity.
  • We are curious, courageous, passionate, open-minded and recognise creativity at all levels.
  • We act with integrity and take appropriate consequences to eradicate unethical and non-compliant behaviours.
Sustainability at Airbus

Sustainability at Airbus

Our social & environmental commitment

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Inclusion & Diversity

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Who we are

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