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Leadership University

Leadership University

The Airbus Leadership University was launched in 2015. Unique in its mission and international set-up, the Leadership University provides tailored development solutions for all employees as Airbus firmly believes that everyone is a leader!

Employees from all levels have access to a broad portfolio of development programmes, courses, blended learning solutions, conferences, learning expeditions, events, team workshops, coaching, to enhance their leadership and team development skills. The University promotes experiential development and goes beyond traditional ways of learning.

The Leadership University brings leaders together – connecting them with other Airbus leaders, communities and ecosystems as well as with external leaders. Entrepreneurs and start-ups are involved in the development of leaders, inspiring and encouraging transversal collaboration and open innovation while partnerships with other companies and universities enable our leaders to stay connected with latest business practices and industry trends.

In addition to its flagship campus in Toulouse, the Leadership University consists of a global hub system with campuses located close to Airbus sites around the world - providing employees with the same development opportunities everywhere. Employees also have the possibility to access online content on its virtual campus.

Airbus Leadership University was recognised at the 2017 U-Spring ‘Printemps des Universités d’Entreprise’ (annual meeting of the HR community and corporate universities in France) for its outstanding initiatives and the quality of its projects and practices in two of the ten categories taking home a gold trophy in the Best Pedagogical Innovation category and a silver trophy in the Best Digital Integration category.

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