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The future by Airbus - Passengers in 2050 can sit back and enjoy the night sky when travelling to destinations due to bionic structure and interactive membrane of the Airbus Concept Cabin (14 Juin 2011)

Innovations of tomorrow

Creating breakthrough technologies

The ability to develop ground-breaking technologies is one of our key assets, and our people make it happen.

Investing in innovation

To maintain our position as a global leader, Airbus is committed to developing a culture of innovation. We spend around €3.5 billion annually on research and development. We hold approximately 37,000 patents worldwide. Over 1,000 scientists and researchers, including postgraduate students and interns, work at our facilities in France, Germany, UK, Spain, USA, Canada, Singapore, India and China.

Innovation takes many forms at Airbus, from early-stage research to product development and cyber-security to enhancing existing platforms, manufacturing processes and quality.

Developing the future of flight

CityAirbus Project

Airbus has always been a pioneer in the aerospace industry’s evolution, promoting cutting-edge technologies and scientific excellence to contribute to global progress. Today we are shaping the future of flight.

Airbus is innovating along a number of paths towards the future of commercial aviation. It envisages a future with fewer emissions and lower noise levels in the shape of electric flight. And it is exploring more radical urban air mobility solutions to help alleviate congestion in megacities, in particular through the Vahana project, an autonomous flying vehicle platform for individual passenger and cargo transport, which is set for flight tests on a first prototype by the end of 2017. Airbus is also pursuing the projects CityAirbus, a multi-person taxi-style piloted vehicle; Skyways, an autonomous drone and infrastructure project; and “Pop.Up”, a modular air and ground passenger concept vehicle.

Invent with us

We are always looking for people who are capable of improving the solutions we develop and inventing new answers to complex challenges of living in a more secure and sustainable world. The diversity of our talent and technology drives innovation, integration and internationalisation.

Airbus released its Blueprint for the Sky in September 2018, outlining a roadmap for integrating autonomous aircraft in air traffic management systems  

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Innovations of tomorrow

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