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Global Workforce Forecast

Global Workforce Forecast

2019 / 2029 Release 2

The ambition of the Global Workforce Forecast is to provide all employees with relevant data, information and analysis to better understand, anticipate and prepare the evolution of our company competencies.

What is Global Workforce Forecast

Overview and objectives

Global Workforce Forecast is a study launched in 2018 having the ambition to show and analyse the evolution of populations in the world and workforce within Airbus. The purpose of this study is to give a robust and consistent frame of reference to every reader in order to:

  • Access relevant data, information and analysis in a synthetic format
  • Get a better understanding on the current and future workforce evolution
  • Get a better understanding on the current and future HR levers supporting competence development from the organisation, team, and employees
  • Enable him/her to integrate these elements in their own decision making process


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Megatrends are transformative, global forces that shape the future world with their far reaching influence on business, societies, economies, cultures and personal lives. Megatrends impact all regions in the world and all actors and organisations on a large time scale.

We have selected 6 Megatrends:

  • Economic Globalisation
  • Resource Scarcity and Climate Change
  • Global Governance
  • Demographics and Social Evolution
  • Innovation and Technologies
  • New consumption patterns

The identification and understanding of Megatrends are essential for our company to get a clearer visibility of future business risks and opportunities and as a result to betteradapt the “human capital” of Airbus. As such, Airbus has already started to take into account Megatrends impacts in a high number of projects.

Get your GWF's copy 

"Airbus is committed to developing a culture of knowledge sharing"

This book will give you the means to understand:

  • the main challenges our company is facing in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world worldwide and internal demographic evolutions to better prepare our future workforce
  • how Airbus competence strategy, in a five year timeframe, is supporting the business strategy by analysing how jobs and competencies are impacted by future evolutions and setting up all necessary actions
  • how Airbus manages and enhances HR levers to contribute to company business objectives for today and tomorrow

"Make Airbus THE World-Wide Employer of choice to embrace THE Future!"

We encourage each reader to consider actively information captured in GWF. One simple way could be to formalise for you only or for sharing the actions you would engage to progress on the subject, by writing on a simple table “What I will do in the next 3 days?”, then in the next 3 weeks, in the next 3 months and perhaps in the next 3 years?

For more information or if you want to get in touch with Global Workforce Forecast, contact:

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