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Meet Worathep

Flight Operations Support Director

“Airbus values its employees and places strong emphasis on their development. The management team is supportive of mobility and provides resources to help you reach your career objectives.”

A brief exposure to the aircraft cockpit via a photo when Worathep was a child sparked his curiosity and interest in aircraft and its dynamics. Since then, he has been wondering how pilots navigate the numerous buttons and systems, and that curiosity motivated him to pursue a career in the aviation and aerospace industry.

Worathep started his career with Thai Airways as a Flight Operations Engineer in 2008 and had the opportunity to work with Flight Operations Engineers and Flight Operations Support Directors from Airbus. When Airbus established its Flight Operations Services Centre in Thailand for the production of electronic flight operations data for use by airlines worldwide, Worathep joined as a Flight Operations Engineer. He was then nominated as a Team Leader leading 5 engineers which later grew to the current strength of 15 engineers.

“I have seen Airbus grew in strength and presence since the time I joined in 2014 and with growth, there are more opportunities within the Group for employees to develop.” Having been with Airbus for coming 7 years, Worathep has been given developmental opportunities based on his career objectives. He moved from an Engineer to the Head of Flight Operations Group and in line with his career objectives to be closer to his customers, he took up the role of a Flight Operations Support Director in 2021. He will be the first Flight Operations Support Director operating from the Bangkok office.

"The emphasis on team work which is one of Airbus core values allows constant improvement of our processes and way of working.”

In 2019, Worathep was involved in a transformation project which increased the competences of the Bangkok team by mirroring with the flight operations organization in Toulouse and encouraging constant exchanges between the team in both countries. “At each level, the teams will do a daily sharing of experiences and coach each other remotely. With these exchanges, it helps to streamline our way of working and improve the knowledge and skills of the team in Bangkok.”

“Airbus strong belief in Diversity and Inclusion has created an environment where the sharing of different cultures, ideas and perspectives translated into innovation and creativity.”

Diversity and Inclusion has been an important aspect to Airbus to foster innovation and creativity. “In our Thailand office, we have been actively promoting diversity and inclusion. Today, we have 10 nationalities in the office and a good mix of both genders. We are also committed to hiring employees with different level of experience from fresh graduates to employees with more than 10 years of working experience.” Worathep enjoys the diversity in Airbus as it makes the working environment interesting. The interaction goes beyond work which allows him to learn and appreciate the different cultures.

Worathep's career path at Airbus

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