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Portrait of Sun in front of her place of work.

Meet Sun

Customer Manager & Stress Leader at Airbus Engineering Centre Beijing

“People take care of themselves, trust each other and are always there to help you. All of this makes me feel proud to be part of the Airbus Family indeed.”

As a Customer Manager and Stress Leader of Airbus Beijing Engineering Centre, Sun takes safety, efficiency and team trust at the heart of her role. After graduation in Mechanical Engineering, she joined Airbus in 2010 as Stress Engineer and then moved to Stress Skill Leader, playing a vital role in determining the stress performance of structures when subjected to forces and heavy loads.

For more than 5 years, Sun has particularly been dedicated in managing the stress activities within her team, mainly for manufacturing support and in-service repair. Among her duties, she leads a project to improve efficiency by automation and digitalization processes. Since September 2020, Sun was appointed Customer Manager in parallel as a Stress Leader, working with a team focusing on aircrafts development and improvement topics. She works on some scouting as well with the Research & Technology team in Beijing for advanced technologies.

“As a student major in mechanical engineering, I decided to join a company with leading technologies, advanced operations and excellent management systems. I have always been fascinated by the power to fly and rapidly found out people around me with the same ambition to make things fly. If you combine these two aspects, then the best equation is Airbus!”

Sun is Customer Manager at Airbus Engineering Centre in Beijing

Sun knows what truly drives success in achieving her professional goals: “ is how well you connect with people’s mindset you are working with and communicate your understanding back to them. I work with people from all over the world, with different cultures and everything can be discussed openly. Different ideas are always welcomed and respected. And when you want to learn something new or try a different way, you always find mentors helping you. At Airbus, we respect diversities whilst being all one.”

Among her memorable moments at Airbus, Sun remembers when, back in 2014, she started working on aircrafts’ pylons. Generally made from metal, her knowledge was mostly on composite components. So, she started her career in a different field and also learnt how to speak French.

“This experience helped me extending my knowledge about aircrafts lifecycle and made me realize how a good design can impact when you work on improvements topics. This experience was very challenging but definitely worth it because I could acquire new skills. I am very grateful for the support I received from both my colleagues in France and Beijing. With time, some of them also became very good friends in my daily life.”

Aside from work, Sun is a very curious person, always exploring the world and her surroundings. She enjoys hiking and climbing mountains, which make her reconnecting deeply with nature and give her a strong feeling of peace of mind. She also practices yoga to nurture her soul and maintain a good life balance. “Depending on the mood of the day, I like to try different things and discover new aspects about myself. I can climb up a mountain, but also enjoy a nice cup of tea in my favorite library and enjoy reading books.”

As a representative of the females in engineering and working in the Aviation Industry, Sun always put her strong sense of the mission at first place. “To any future inspired woman who wants to start a career in engineering, I would recommend to take advantage of their strengths and passion in whatever they do. We are the future generation of engineers, professional and brave to express ourselves. I would like to encourage more females to join engineering field, to start their career and lift-off and light-up their bright future within Airbus and bring added value to our talented teams.”

Sun's career path at Airbus

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