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Rafa is HO Accounts Payable for Airbus Helicopters for France and Spain sites.

Meet Rafa

HO Accounts Payable Airbus Helicopters France and Spain

“Joining a group like Airbus provides you the tools for growing personally and professionally, letting you grow and fly as high as you can imagine."

Rafa is a 40-year old experienced professional based in Blagnac. Originally from Albacete, Rafa has always been passionate about aerospace: "I once belonged to the Spanish Air Force, worked as cabin crew for British Airways and finally arrived to the company which manufactures the planes I used to fly into!". 

He joined the Airbus family in 2008 as an Accounts Payable analyst, quickly moved to a senior analyst role, before becoming a team leader. One part of the job that he enjoys the most is supporting his colleagues "I really enjoy being able to provide guidance and I love finding solutions to issues".

In 2019, Rafa decided to move to France with his family to pursue his job. This experience gave him the opportunity to lead transnational projects across Airbus. "I’ve always felt really supported by my team during this transition. It's also remarkable the help I’ve had from actual and previous managers" he says.

On a personal side, Rafa is happily married and has two kids. During his free time he also likes playing futsal, travelling and enjoying the nature with his family.

Rafa's career path at Airbus

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