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Portrait of Rachel Intern at Airbus Asia Training Centre

Meet Rachel

Intern at Airbus Asia Training Centre

“My dream job since young has been to be a pilot and that’s why being able to join Airbus was an amazing opportunity for me."

“My dream job since young has been to be a pilot and that’s why being able to join Airbus was an amazing opportunity for me. Being able to learn more about simulator systems and some basic flying while working added a fun element to work. It has also made me more motivated to work towards my dreams!” says Rachel Ong, a third year mechanical engineering student in National University of Singapore.


Rachel is currently an intern with Airbus Asia Training Centre. Her main role is to analyse the recurrent Flight Simulator Training Device Qualification Test Guides and ensure that they are compliant with the regulatory requirements. “I am able to apply knowledge that I have learnt in school when reviewing test results during work. Through this, I am able to better understand the concepts taught in school and see how they can be applied in real life scenarios”.

Rachel is Intern at Airbus Asia Training Centre.

One of Rachel’s best moments was when she first stepped into a full flight simulator. Being able to try out on the A350 was an amazing experience for her who dreams to be a pilot. “Previously, I never knew the simulator trainings were so powerful and immersive. The amount of training that goes into a pilot really made me respect them a lot more”, she said.

Outside of work, Rachel enjoys playing sports or just watching the National Geographic channel. She also enjoys travelling as it allows her to widen her perspectives and gain insights with all the different experiences each trip offers.

Reflecting on her time at Airbus, “I have learned a lot and picked up important skills such as being accountable for my own work. This would be very useful in many other fields of work in the future.


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