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Meet Neelam

Meet Neelam

Industrial Architect

Neelam works in the team of Powerplant Industrial Architects in Toulouse. Currently she works for the End to End Propulsion stream of Digital Design Manufacturing and Services (DDMS) and also on the Propulsion of Tomorrow project.

Neelam's career path at Airbus

Neelam's story


Digital Design Manufacturing & Services (DDMS) is Airbus’major transformation programme aimed at re-inventing the way Airbus is developing its new products over the next 5 years. The business target is the New Single Aisle (NextGen).  


In her role, Neelam studies and defines new manufacturing capabilities, technologies and ways of working that would be used for integrating the propulsion system of NextGen aircraft. Also, her role is being an Industrial Work-Package lead for DDMS End to End Propulsion stream.

The ultimate objective is to secure the definition of the global optimum of the product, its industrial system and its support & services system, while achieving DDMS objectives in terms of cost and lead time reduction and in terms of maturity increase.


For the Propulsion of Tomorrow project she has been responsible for defining the top level industrial requirements, industrial architecture, trades and capabilities in collaboration with industrial architects and engineering teams for future Airbus projects and developing technology bricks that will shape the industrial system of Airbus. Profitability is the ultimate goal. The end point is to lower the lifecycle costs in order to generate value for Airbus and its customers - of which the manufacturing costs and product Recurring Cost are very important levers. 

Living the dream

Working on crucial transformation projects, with diverse people: an incredible adventure, a dream come true.

" Getting to work on crucial and challenging Airbus projects has been my constant motivation. We are a dynamic team of industrial architects who are always on the go. Contributing to high priority projects, interacting with a large network, developing technologies that shape our industrial system is a thrilling experience in itself. Industrial Architects have several roles and responsibilities to play in their careers but primary ones are:

•  To define the overall industrial architecture shaping the product (aircraft) and industrial system by bringing together the individual solutions from all departments within Airbus into a single solution that fits the top programme objectives while staying data driven.

•  To ensure a collaborative development between aircraft design and industrial engineering, procurement, finance, sales and addressing to program and strategy (the customers).


Interfacing with the engineering teams, Final Assembly Lines, manufacturing and industrial architects every day and learning from their experience whilst contributing to the projects is a humbling and rare opportunity. Currently working in multifunctional teams on projects like Propulsion of Tomorrow, Digital Design Manufacturing & Services (DDMS) and having worked on NIS (Nacelles Integrated solutions) in the near past;  have enabled me to acquire both technical and interpersonal skills needed to expand as a person and a professional.


STAYING HUNGRY for more: very satiating

I am living my dream, and it is surreal!


I have always been curious and ambitious for more. Industrial architect’s path has fascinated me for years and I have been very fortunate to have worked on nacelles, pylons and powerplant airframe integration – core competences and several Airbus products. I believe I can never be satisfied by myself and I concentrate on developing continuously. Hungry to learn more, investing on developing robust skillsets and staying focussed to achieve the challenging goals have been my mantra. Meditation and introspection have been the enablers to my professional path. "

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