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Meet Natsuki

Project Leader, Operational Division at Airbus Helicopters Japan

“Diversity brings about fresh ideas and perspectives to the company. I appreciate that Airbus has put in place practices to make the workplace female-friendly especially for working mothers and colleagues in the region.”

Natsuki works as Project Leader, Operational Division at Airbus Helicopters Japan.

Respect and teamwork are key to ensuring organisation success especially for Airbus, an organisation with a diverse workforce. “I worked closely with teams in Marignane and colleagues in North and South East Asia who made effort to understand our way of working, our culture and background for each request. We listened to each other and tried to understand each other’s perspectives”, says Natsuki. Natsuki joined Eurocopter Japan in 2012 upon graduating from Waseda University with a Bachelor of International Liberal Studies.

“I have always wanted to join an international company with opportunities to work with people of different backgrounds. I am glad to be given the opportunity to work at Airbus and with knowledgeable and helpful local and international colleagues. I’ve learned a lot.” Natsuki started off in a customer order management role within the Civil Sales department and after 3 years, moved into customer support management taking care of government accounts. “One of my motivations at work is the challenges and trust the management gives me.” In the customer support management role, she was the customers’ focal point and was also exposed to the execution of aircraft contract, promoting services and handling MRO sales activity for North and South East Asia.

Natsuki is excited to receive more challenges and opportunities in the near future and her advice to anyone who is keen to join Airbus – be open!

Natsuki's career path at Airbus

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