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Meet Mijeong

Meet Mijeong

Logistics Manager Helicopters Korea

“Airbus believes in giving developmental opportunities to its employees and providing support and trust to make things possible.”

Mijeong graduated with a Master of Interpretation and Translation (Korean-French) from the University of Ewha. Before she joined Airbus, she worked as an Assistant with the Business France of French Embassy in Seoul. In her role, she was organizing business meetings for French exporters visiting International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition. This sparked her interest towards the industry and she joined Airbus Helicopters Korea as an Assistant Logistics Manager in August 2018.

“I was fortunate to work alongside with colleagues who are supportive and helpful. They have helped me to pick up and develop skills required to perform my role. I am also thankful for my manager’s guidance and trust in me.” With the guidance and support, Mijeong was given the opportunity to lead the team as a Logistics Manager after 10 months. “Airbus is a huge company with aplenty developmental opportunities for employees.”

“We support one another at work and share our experiences, knowledge and stories to help each other grow.”

With a global presence, working in Airbus gets more exciting. “We have hosted colleagues from Japan and Malaysia and I am in constant contact with colleagues from Marignane”. As one Airbus family, we aim to learn from each other through local and international exchanges.

In her current role, she represents the Logistics team in Airbus Helicopters Korea – leading the team in order management, setting up and enhancing processes and procedures and ensuring customer satisfaction. “As a young manager, I am grateful to have established strong relationship with my team which made work fun and exciting amidst all the challenges.”

Mijeong’s advice to anyone who is keen to join this big family, “Airbus is a huge company with many areas to explore and learn. Be patient, you will get many opportunities to develop yourself and grow together with the company.”

Mijeong's career path at Airbus

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