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Meet Lilian

Meet Lilian

System engineering and architecture

Lilian is a project manager in the field of system engineering and architecture at Airbus. In his role, Lilian, along with his team, creates and builds customer solutions for projects such as ensuring the security of a harbour or developing new security for a stadium.

Lilian's career path at Airbus

Teamwork, mobility and diversity

No team member delivers alone

Our company focuses on added-value delivery for its customers and relies on teamwork to achieve it. Therefore, teamwork is crucial to ensuring success because each member of the team contributes by adding his or her individual competencies to realise a common objective. When building a satellite, the chief engineer is accountable for the overall product integrity – but it requires the collaboration of each specialist in order to ensure full integration in a consistent way. 

"Each member of the team contributes by adding his or her competencies to realise a common objective."

Additionally, any contribution that’s neglected, forgotten, unheard or unbalanced by other views can put the delivery at risk prior to reaching this shared decision. Teamwork is something I value in my daily job. It acts as a link between trust and motivation, and it helps me, as a project leader, to build a collaborative environment.

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Putting all the pieces in place to enable mobility

I was originally hired in Germany, where I spent almost four years before being assigned to Spain for a year-long project. Upon successful delivery, I came back to a different German location for four years and then moved to France, the core of the Airbus countries, to pursue an international project. If I had to repeat these last 10 years spent abroad thanks to mobility, I wouldn’t change a thing.

"If I had to repeat these last 10 years spent abroad thanks to mobility, I wouldn’t change a thing."

Mobility is a wonderful experience offered by our international company, a real opportunity to live, to enjoy and to benefit. For sure, moving around is not as easy as staying in one’s comfort zone, but the added value is incomparable and worth the effort – especially when the company provides all required elements to make it happen smoothly: compensations, language courses, relocation support, administrative tools and so much more. I’ll definitely advise my children to give it a try – assuming they’ll start a career at Airbus!

Diversity across projects

A quick look at the Airbus portfolio reveals a diverse range of products, services and systems, from civil to military applications and from aeronautics to space. Such complex products require a variety of expertise from diverse profiles and disciplines, and this diversity extends to our employees themselves, a mix of countries and cultures, genders, ages, origins and competences.

The projects I’ve joined at Airbus have always been diverse, whether defining a shared environment for a multi-disciplinary contribution in an international project or contributing to a common, innovative initiative at Airbus where all divisions are represented. Working among so many profiles and environments is an enriching exchange: in new or unfamiliar situations, we learn from one another, and when diverse stakeholders’ opinions converge, it’s a satisfying confirmation for everyone.

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