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“The power of diversity in regard to innovation, creativity and problem solving is key."

‘We have diversity – we speak over 40 different languages, we have over 140 nationalities, we have a global footprint and our customer base is reflected with that,’ says Jennifer Ogle, Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Airbus.

Jennifer has had a varied career path at Airbus within the HR function. Starting out as the HR director for the Final Assembly Line in Mobile - ‘I was there for the first flight of the JetBlue aircraft and for the first 30 deliveries!’. She then made the move to Toulouse to pursue an opportunity to work with the Head of HR in Airbus Commercial, being part of the leadership team and after she was offered the chance to become a Senior HR Business Partner for Legal & Compliance and Communications, working directly with both teams.

Today Jennifer is the Head of Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) for Airbus. She says that this role  exists to ‘help enable a culture of inclusion at Airbus and to capitalise on the diversity that we already have inside the company DNA to make us the best company we can be and have a sustainable future in aerospace.’ 

She believes in creating an environment where all voices are heard, where all inputs are important and the differences that people bring, whether visible or invisible, are welcomed and leveraged for creativity and innovation. Jennifer does a lot of work to promote the different types of diversity at Airbus such as intergenerational, LGBT, gender or nationality in order to create companywide understanding and acceptance so everybody feels that they have a home in the company and be their best selves at work.

On June 3rd 2020 Airbus celebrates the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) Diversity Awards. Aligned with Airbus objectives, “GEDC focuses on the power of diversity in regard to innovation, creativity and problem solving,” adds Jen. 

The most memorable experience in Jennifer’s career at Airbus?

The most memorable experience in Jennifer’s career at Airbus? “The launch of the Final Assembly Line in Mobile - we were the first Commercial Aircraft facility in the US, so we knew we were breaking new ground and the most magical experience, I think, it was the first delivery of theJetBlue aircraft. Looking around in this ceremony I remember thinking that I knew and hired every single person and this group of people has contributed to the build of this aircraft.”

In the USA, Jennifer lives on the Gulf Coast which is near the water, so a lot of her time is spent outdoors with her family swimming and fishing. Jennifer also loves to travel so has felt extremely lucky to have been able to live in Europe with her wife and 18 years old son for the last 3 years and they have been enjoying taking in the culture of the new places that they visit.

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