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Isabel is HO Aerospace Management.

Meet Isabel

HO Aerospace Management

“It is an incredible challenge to have the possibility to work on topics at the edge of innovation, and working with a very talented team that has grown together over the years."

Isabel started her Airbus journey in 2013 with Airbus Helicopters Germany as Team Leader for Mission Management Systems which gave her the opportunity to work on both civil and military programmes. At the same time, she held the Senior Expert role for Air Traffic Management and Civil Operations working closely with the European Helicopters Association to voice the need to adapt the regulation and procedures to better integrate helicopter flights and improve the safety of operations. In 2017 she took over the Head of Department role whilst working on an Airbus Group Task Force on Urban Air Mobility. That ambition grew into a new organisation, Airbus Urban Air Mobility, where she is currently leading the Airspace Management activities.

In her current role, Isabel and her team explore digital traffic services on a virtual platform to support and execute more autonomous operations in different environments (rural, maritime, urban). The team is divided in three main locations: Singapore, Europe and California and works with all three divisions (Commercial, Helicopters and Defense and Space) and many other entities within Airbus.

A memorable experience.

Isabel is HO Aerospace Management and enjoys her free time with family.

Isabel has had many memorable experiences within Airbus but her most memorable was one of her first exercises at Airbus as a trans-national and trans-organisation team effort gaining the qualification of MR1 for the NH90 helicopter. ‘It was a great achievement and a fantastic lesson of team work between different lead functions and strong cooperation with our customers and authorities.’

Isabel has always had a STEM focused mind having enjoyed Maths and Science most at school, but what really got her interested was her parents who both also had a career in STEM and who encouraged Isabel to pursue her passion. Isabel is passionate about encouraging more females into STEM careers and believes in the importance of showcasing females as role models in STEM related fields - ‘STEM is not a matter of gender, it is a matter of passion and loving what you do, as in any other career or choice.’

In her free time Isabel enjoys spending time with her family and she enjoys taking her daughters them out on trips to the mountains and doing outdoor sports as much as possible.

Isabel's career path at Airbus

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