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Hanson is Customer Support Director in Singapore.

Meet Hanson

Customer Support Director

“What I enjoy the most in my job is that I can bring value with my people skills while working with so many different nationalities and backgrounds. "

Hanson is Customer Support Director in Singapore.

"What I enjoy the most in my job is that I can bring value with my people skills while working with so many different nationalities and backgrounds. I try to put myself in their shoes and see what their objectives are and how my role as a focal point can serve to support our colleagues and foster the relationship that the team needs,” says Hanson from Hong Kong.

With extensive experience in cabin furniture manufacturing and having worked with Airbus previously as service representative for cabin at the customer side, Hanson joined the Airbus Family in 2019 as Customer Support Director (CSD) at Airbus Singapore.

“When I noticed this job opening, I thought it was a really good fit for me as it matches my personality and my strength in communication. Also, I have a family and moving to Singapore was another drive as my wife is Singaporean and due to the country’s environment.”

Diversity is a great asset when working in a team. 

Hanson’s first impressions of Airbus? “My expectation was that the Singapore office would have a higher regional focus, but, surprisingly in a good way, I see great diversity in our location with people coming from France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore. This is something I find really positive.”

As customer support director, Hanson liaises Airbus different business units with the customer, his main aims are to maintain a good relationship and communicate a consistent strategy - “My main responsibility is to maintain a good relationship and being the single Airbus focal point, from the airline perspective. We have a big team from different business units supporting what I am doing. However, ultimately, I will be the one taking accountability for our relationship with the customer and the strategy to implement so that we ensure we can improve in a good manner.”

As a very special experience in his Airbus journey, Hanson highlights the 2-day get-together last year, where hundreds of Airbus CSDs from all over the world gathered in Toulouse.

“The clash of experience exchange between myself, who recently got in the company at the time, and other colleagues with around or over 15 years of experience was very profound for me. I could share what I have learnt from the customer point of view, while gaining valuable insights from the Airbus standpoint, through what other colleagues have experienced from cycle after cycle in the company.

“Over this short time, we managed to get all of these connections with other CSDs from other parts of the world, which relationships we still maintain. Whenever I have questions I know I can count, not only on my colleagues from Singapore, but also I can reach out to colleagues in the US, UK and India, for example. I think those are the experiences I will treasure forever.”

Hanson’s recommendation to young graduates or professionals? “Don’t be afraid to ask in order to explore. It is common nature that people feel they show their own vulnerabilities when asking questions. However, within Airbus, a lot of people with more experience are more willing to share with you and pass on their experience. It’s like passing the torch to the next generation. You will be surprised and amazed by how much people are willing to share and to teach you things.”

Hanson's career path at Airbus

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