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Meet Di    

Meet Di    

Supply management

Di works in procurement operations as a supply chain specialist. In her role, she is responsible for selecting the right suppliers, monitoring their performance, assessing their capability and running the long-term development of suppliers.

Di's career path at Airbus

Diversity and mobility

"Working with different cultures: an enriching experience"

There actually hasn’t been a single day at Airbus where I’ve only interacted with “local” people. Because we are a European company, most colleagues come from all over Europe and are redistributed all over Europe. In addition to our production sites and suppliers located all over the world, we work daily with people from Germany, France, the UK, Spain, China, Korea, Austria, Italy, the US, the Czech Republic and more. In my job, I interface the external supply chain and have the chance to meet people across different manufacturing locations.

It’s an enriching experience to work with different cultures than my own. When people do things in a way I find unexpected, I stay aware of cultural differences, not assuming that I know all there is to know about a certain culture-coupling. I work in multifunctional teams on projects like NEO industrialization, for example, where colleagues with backgrounds in engineering, finance, manufacturing and business management all come together.

It’s not always easy to understand everyone’s point of view, but in the end, there’s always something to be learned from one another, and we can be sure the decisions we come to in the end are thought through and balanced.

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"The value and reward of mobility"

I’ve been very fortunate to work in different countries and specialties and on different products. When the need for change arises, moving jobs and countries provides an opportunity to expand one’s network, product knowledge and to grow both as a person and as a professional. At the same time, mobile employees bring added value to their new jobs with previous contacts from other countries, divisions, suppliers and functions, as well as new approaches from their previous experiences.

Airbus encourages such mobility, and my managers and HR colleagues have been great. In my experience, both my old and new managers agreed upon a transition plan, and HR provided relocation services to get us settled smoothly and quickly.

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