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Meet Chrystelle

Meet Chrystelle

Recruitment Business Partner and Early Career Coordinator Airbus Helicopters

“What we really look at when we seek for future talents is their areas of excellence, technical skills, and values.””

Chrystelle is HR Business Partner at Airbus Helicopters in Marignane, France

Next year, Chrystelle will celebrate her 21st year at Airbus Helicopters in Marignane. She has never been so enthusiastic about being part of the Airbus family. Her life at Airbus – from both professional and personal point of view – has changed along the years, but never to refrain her from achieving a successful career with great excitement and ambition to progress in her job, and taking part in the Helicopters story.

Chrystelle started her career in Finance and after a few years she was offered by Airbus to continue her studies, so she took a Master in Human Resources and joined the Airbus Helicopters Legal Department within the Human Resources Division. “I was excited to learn new competences and enrich my experience, even though I had never worked in this field before. I rapidly discovered that dealing with people and looking for new talents was my real vocation. I am very grateful because Airbus supported me in this new challenge by investing in my curriculum and putting everything in place to make me feel comfortable in my evolution.” – says Chrystelle.

Among her memorable experience she likes to remember her first participation at Paris Le Bourget Airshow in 2019, when she was offered the opportunity to represent the Airbus brand and particularly speak about Diversity and Inclusion. “It was an amazing opportunity for me to talk about the prestigious company I work for and to show how Airbus facilitates inclusion. I could meet candidates and students truly passionate about the aerospace industry but shy to open up about their disabilities. And this was for me the occasion to show them that at Airbus opportunities have no barriers. What we really look at when we seek for future talents is their areas of excellence – technical skills, and values. At Airbus, it is a story about the uniqueness of every individual.

When we asked her, what motivates her to go to work every day, she said: “In life, you cannot predict everything, but you can decide where your time goes. Work for me means: vitality, connections and accountability for my customers. It also means to be part of a supportive environment, with colleagues and managers that care about each other, no matter their background or conditions they are in. And these are the aspects that I keep in my mind and that make me feel proud of who I am and what I do.”

Chrystelle's career path at Airbus

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