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Chris in front of Airbus logo at the office

Meet Chris

Simulator Maintenance Technician

“It’s challenging yet exciting to work in one of the best training centres in the world. In Airbus, there is an abundance of opportunities with great support from the management and colleagues.”

“I love aircraft and I have always been fascinated by how they operate. It has been my dream to be able to know the mechanics behind them and even more so to work on them. It is an exciting opportunity to work in an actual aircraft cockpit, flying in a simulator and having hands-on experience with all the parts that go into a simulator.” says Chris, a 31-years-old aeronautical engineering graduate from Singapore Institute of Technology.

Chris joined Airbus Asia Training Centre in 2016 right after his graduation. As a Simulator Maintenance Technician, Chris is responsible for simulator hardware and software maintenance. On the hardware side, he carries out regular maintenance of equipment and parts to ensure that the simulators are performing to the expected level, safe and compliant. On the software side, he updates the aircraft data packages which contain ground navigational aid details and accurate information on airports and runways around the world. The continual updating helps to ensure that simulators stay relevant to the constantly changing real world environment.

“A strong interest in what I do, my colleagues and my desire to do better are my motivations at work.”

Chris joined Airbus Asia Training Centre in 2016 right after his graduationn as a Simulator Maintenance Technician.

One of Chris’s most memorable experiences in AATC was the completion of setting up a new A350 simulator through to the approval from relevant authorities. He contributed the success of this implementation to the great teamwork. “The team worked well together. There were many interesting experiences which we were unprepared for but as a team, we overcame them and delivered on time.” Chris treasures the chemistry within the team and the friendship forged. “In Airbus, not only am I given the opportunity to develop my skills required for work, I am also given the opportunity to further my interests out of my job scope.”

Having frequent performance feedback sessions allowed Chris and his manager to understand what are his strengths, interests and developmental points. This gave Chris the opportunity to participate in projects which helped him to develop skills required to progress further in Airbus and even pursue his personal interests. One such example is video-making. “You are not limited to only learning what is required for your job. My manager and Head of Department knew I had an interest in video-making and gave me the chance to master it. I have since made videos of maintenance routines to help guide new colleagues. My journey with Airbus has been fascinating and I am looking forward to many good years ahead.”

Chris’s advice to anyone who is keen to be part of this big family, “join Airbus with an open heart and mind. There are different opportunities and possibilities waiting for you to explore.

Chris's career path at Airbus

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