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Benjamin is Cabin Integrator Leader at Airbus Helicopters.

Meet Benjamin

Cabin Integrator Leader at Airbus Helicopters

"It’s great that you can really see the added value you deliver at Airbus. It is a great team to be a part of - I am working alongside some of the best people in the industry."

Benjamin had already started his journey in the aerospace industry before he joined Airbus, he was working for another organisation doing work on the interiors of aircrafts. After a while he felt the need to experience more of the manufacturing side so joined Airbus in 2011 to work in the Airbus Helicopters division in Marignane, again on interiors. He was in this role for 3 years doing interior customisation for very interesting people such as Heads of State, VIP’s and the Army.


Benjamin found it was really interesting to work on as these helicopters that are known all over the world. After this, Benjamin had the chance to move back to the USA to work for a supplier of Airbus in California but after five years he was back with Airbus and is very happy to be at ‘home’ again! ‘I am still doing interiors but this time for Airbus commercial Aircraft working with the Programmes team, my role is to lead the industrialisation of projects and to coordinate between the suppliers and the different Airbus teams. What is great is that you can really see the added value that you deliver at Airbus. It is a great team to be a part of and it is growing and I am happy that I am working alongside some of the best people in the industry. I am a problem solver, so the thing that I enjoy most about the role is finding and fixing issues with the aircraft on a day to day basis.’


Benjamin has had many amazing experiences whilst at Airbus but one in particular springs to mind. ‘I was working on a VIP helicopter and the pilot was complaining about the comfort of the helicopter when flying, initially there didn't seem to be a problem so I was wondering ‘what is the problem here?!’ - I just couldn't understand the complaints! So he said ‘ok, let's take a flight and you will feel it’ so I got to fly this helicopter and when we landed I understood what the issue was and was able to fix it!’

Benjamin grew up with a fascination for aircraft of all types and his Father was in a STEM career as well which helped to decide his future, ‘I used to do drawings and models when I was younger and this fascination just stuck and I knew that I didn't want to do anything else other than working with aircraft’


Outside of work Benjamin loves to go mountain biking, however he now has a three month old baby so mountain biking has taken a backseat whilst he looks after his child!

Benjamin's career path

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