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Portrait of Alvaro, Head of Protospace project in Madrid.

Meet Alvaro

Head of ProtoSpace Getafe Innovation Management

“Working in a multinational company such as Airbus brings you a great number of opportunities that you never thought about."

“Probably I was the only non-Aeronautical engineer within the Aerodynamics department of Airbus! But soon this turned out to be the best thing that could ever happen to me! – says Alvaro from Spain – My motivation to keep working hard and continuously learning from my colleagues made me grow as a professional and as a person.”

In 2010 Alvaro was sponsored by Airbus to complete his Master’s Programme in Aircraft Systems Integration. Even though he was not that familiar with Aircraft, his passion and thirst for knowledge was enough to show Airbus that he was a good hire. This Master’s Programme was a great experience and the perfect opportunity for Alvaro to gain a good level of knowledge.

After finishing his degree, he applied for a role within the Aerodynamic department to be a Wind Tunnel Test Engineer. Despite being an industrial engineer at heart, with no background experience in Aerodynamics, Alvaro was given the opportunity to integrate the team and grow in his role.

“Working in a multinational company such as Airbus brings you a great number of opportunities that you never thought about. Meeting people from different cultures, speaking different languages, learning from the most important experts in the world, having the possibility to develop yourself in a multitude number of different career paths: logistics, engineering, procurement, human resources, finance, etc. At Airbus there is a place for everyone.”

Since then, Alvaro has not stopped learning inside and outside Airbus, and he is currently involved in a PhD in Innovation Management.

"At Airbus there is a place for everyone.”

Alvaro shortly moved into a new career challenge at Protospace in Getafe, near Madrid. His biggest challenge was to build the Protospace project from the ground up and put his own ideas and personality into it. Today, he is the Head of Protospace Getafe, leading an amazing space, with a great innovation area which aims to encourage collaborative working and rapid prototyping. They welcome all the people and ideas that help to solve important challenges from different domains.

In terms of memorable experiences with Airbus, Alvaro has trouble picking out just one as he has experienced many amazing things. ‘Perhaps one in particular sticks out as being super interesting and a great experience for me. My team was contacted during the summer of 2018 to support the design and manufacture of the Airbus Pop Up concept. A flying vehicle developed by Airbus and Audi that flew for the first time in the Amsterdam Drone Week of 2018. We had to adapt the design and develop new ways of manufacturing in Airbus to allow us to finish the flyable concept ready for the show in only two months. This was definitely a huge challenge for us, as well as an example of collaborative work, not only between different departments in Airbus but also between different countries.

When Alvaro is not at work he has many hobbies, the most important of which is his family with whom he loves to spend time. He also loves cooking, fishing and mushroom picking - ‘my wife is pleased as all my hobbies are very cheap!’ Alvaro is also passionate about DIY: he recently refurbished his whole house by himself, and is currently building a carbon fibre table.

Alvaro's career path at Airbus

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