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Airbus is a multi-generational company. Today, the millennial generation (under 40) represents a third of our workforce, and is our fastest-growing population.

International Graduate Programme

What is IGP?

Do you have a passion for our business and a global mindset?  Are you curious and eager to learn and to share experience with those around you at all levels?  Are you ready to move around the world as your career develops and feel you could be a future leader of our business?


If so, the Airbus International Graduate Programme (IGP) could be the perfect starting point for you.

The Airbus International Graduate Programme “IGP” is a two-year programme (28 months overall) including work experience in different divisions (Commercial Aircraft, Defence & Space and Helicopters) and countries where Airbus is based. This programme will foster your transversal skills: several development modules to build on your self-awareness, communication skills and knowledge of key drivers of change in our business such as digitalisation, innovation and inclusion. You will receive and give continuous feedback throughout the programme.

This is a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons, and an ideal preparation for moving into positions – in either a managerial or specialist capacity – with a significant degree of responsibility.

A development programme for young & talented individuals with :

  • a personal mentor at senior level to provide regular guidance, feedback and support
  • Tailor-made training programmes to help develop leadership skills



  • 1 YEAR: first job assignment in home function, division and country.
  • 8 MONTHS: second job assignment in a different business area.
  • 8 MONTHS: third job assignment in a different business area.
  • FINAL: return to home function and country at end of the progamme.

Recruiting process

  • Applications for 2020 programmes are now closed. All candidates who progressed through the second stage will receive a notification regarding their status shortly which will explain changes in process.
  • We encourage all who are still eligible to apply for the 2022 start date to follow us on our social media channels to know when the application process begins.


Tasks & Accountabilities

AIRBUS IGP includes positions in different departments. By applying to join the IGP you are first applying to the programme as a whole. You will be asked to give us your preferences alongside the video interview stage of the selection process.

During the 2 years of the programme you will be placed depending on the business needs, based on your profile. Your first job assignment will last for one year and the two following assignments will last about 8 months each, which will provide you with a great overview of Airbus. You will be given roles with real accountability in challenging job assignments and you will get to know what it is like to work on the ‘shop floor’.  All the positions are challenging and with real accountability, this will allow you to acquire a deep understanding of the business, gain exposure to people at all levels including senior management and build a network of contacts across the group.

You will experience new ways of learning through our Airbus Leadership University, where we create opportunities for all leaders and aspiring leaders to develop, connect and share, reflect and learn, innovate, and support a culture of collaboration and autonomy within the group and in our extended enterprise.

You will be assigned a personal mentor, who is at a senior level within the company and will be on hand to give you regular guidance, feedback and support for your job assignments.

Required Skills

We’re looking for +5 degree graduates or applicants with an initial professional work experience between 1 year and maximum 3 years with a strong academic background in the following disciplines:

  • Engineering: Mechanical, Aerospace, Structural, Electrical, Electronic, Software, Systems, Control, Power and Thermal Engineering or related categories;
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering and/or related subjects;
  • Computer Science / IT
  • Business related subjects such as finance, law, HR, etc.


The ideal candidate has studied and/or worked for a minimum of 5 years in a country outside of Europe. Fluency in English is essential while fluency in one additional language is an advantage.

Flexibility to move throughout the duration of the 2 year programme is a must. If you are to go abroad for your rotation, you will be individually supported with mobility conditions to support you during your assignment. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limitation regarding the nationality and the age of the IGP candidates?

There are no limits with regard to the nationality or the age of the candidates - the International Graduate Programme is open for all international (EU and non) candidates within any age range. The only limitation is posed on the study and/or work experience of minimum 5 years outside Europe. Please do take these limits into consideration when applying.

To whom do I have to address my cover letter?

You can address your cover letter simply with "Dear Sir or Madam". The cover letter is mandatory to be attached to your online application.

Can I be eligible for the IGP if I have studied and/or worked less than 5 years outside Europe?

Unfortunately, we are afraid that we can’t take your application into account. The 5 years experience limit is a hard limit.

However, we are still looking for people who want to join us. Thus, do not hesitate to apply for a direct entry at Airbus

The system is not working. Can I apply via e-mail?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply via e-mail. Please use our online application tool in order to apply - otherwise your application might not be considered. 

If the problem remains, please contact our technical team at

Does Airbus sponsor work permits and visa for non-Europeans?

Of course we will help you to get your visa and work permit once you are selected for a position.

Where am I more likely to be assigned for my first job position?

For your first job assignment you will be located at one of the main European sites of Airbus and its divisions which are:

  • Sites in Germany: Hamburg, Munich, Donauwörth, Bremen
  • Sites in France: Toulouse, Marignane, Suresnes
  • Sites in UK: Stevenage, Portsmouth, Broughton, Filton
  • Sites in Spain: Getafe, Seville

The second and third job assignment will be in another business area.

What happens to me at the end of the programme?

At the end of the two years, you will no longer be a graduate. You will return to your “home” country and “home” function, where you will have spent your first year and to which you will have remained assigned throughout the programme. It won’t necessarily be in the exact same team but it will be in the same area of the business and this will be your first position at Airbus.

What are the dates of the programme for the third generation?

We are looking at onboarding the third round of IGP graduates in January 2021 with the programme lasting until April 2023. If your application is successful you will be required to come to Toulouse for an Assessment Event, which will take place during 2020. You will therefore need to have your visa ready for this visit if you hold a non-European passport.

What documents will I need to provide if my application is successful?

Amongst other documents we will need a copy of your ID, passport and birth certificate. We will also need a copy of your diplomas.
Will need to be returned to us in the time frame indicated in the acceptance notification to complete all the necessary visa and immigration procedures in time.

How will I be supported if I go abroad for one of my assignments?

There is a specific mobility package for the IGP programme, which will be applied to you individually for the 8 months of your rotation.

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