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NextGen team 2018

What is Finance NextGen?

Finance NextGen is a selective four years programme to recruit young talented Finance professionals to prepare the future of the Finance function in Airbus.

In a nutshell

After your first two years in the role you have been recruited, you will continue to develop your work experience by taking over a role in a different function in Finance (e.g. Project Control, Budgetary Control, Treasury, M&A…) and country of Airbus Defence & Space in order to further develop your Finance technical skills, your communication skills and your knowledge about our company. 

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Your development?

From day one, you will be working within your department where your line manager will help you with your development journey.

NextGen Finance program tutoring

By assigning you to the training including the Finance training programme and by guiding you through the various placement opportunities that exist within the company your manager (and colleagues) will help you to grow and release your full potential.

You will be also mentored by a Finance Top Manager during your journey to offer you guidance and support during your career progression.

In addition to your role you will be asked to work on a transnational Finance (of the Future) project in order to enlarge your network and to contribute to shape the future of Finance.

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How to apply?

The journey starts from you. Apply to one of the positions offered and get the chance to get onboarded.

The journey will start with your application on one of the positions opened in our recruitment portal.
After different interviews you will receive confirmation if you are selected or not for the role.

Why join us?

A great opportunity to join an international player and make the first step into a wonderful career path.

NextGen Finance Program candidates

This is a unique opportunity to join a talent programme within a big international player, to broaden your horizon and an ideal preparation for your professional career to move into managerial positions with a significant degree of responsibility.


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