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Airbus Cyber Security

Recruiting top talents

What we do

The mission of Airbus Cyber Security is to protect governments, military, enterprise organisations and critical national infrastructure from cyber threats. As a trusted European cyber security provider, Airbus Cyber Security has in-depth experience and highly skilled experts developing market leading technologies located in France, Germany and the UK.

Our activities

Airbus Cyber Security is a multi-disciplinary business covering a wide range of activities to deliver innovative solutions to new challenges and ensuring the protection of not only our products, industrial production equipment and information systems – but also our customers.

We provide a global cyber defence approach that dynamically associates monitoring, attack detection and investigation, through to incident response. Thus, we cover the following portfolio:

  • Managed Security Services
  • Cyber Defence Products and Services
  • Cyber Security Consulting
  • Crypto Products and Services
  • Key Management
  • Industrial Control Systems

More details about our products and services can be found on the Airbus Cyber Security website.

Our customers

The products and services we develop aim to support and secure the assets of our customers across Europe and the Middle-East, such as:

  • Governments
  • Military
  • Enterprise Organisations
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • Airbus

Who we are

We are a team of 650 experts covering more than 10 nationalities mainly based in three countries: France, Germany and the UK.

Team picture at the European Cyber Week in Rennes (France) in November 2016

Our daily-life is full of challenges: we take part in very exciting projects for various customers.

We are all passionate about cybersecurity and teamwork is at the core of what we do.

Meet Jasper, security analyst at Airbus


Jasper's job is to protect the company’s systems from hackers by investigating security incidents and the networks and bridges that are attacked every day. Read less Read more

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What we offer

Airbus Cyber Security is a high-performance environment. But performance isn’t just about what you achieve: it’s also about how you achieve it.

Cyber employees during a meeting in Elancourt

All employees live by a set of guiding principles that enable everyone to share common values and behaviours. But 'shared' does not mean that everyone should be exactly the same.

Instead, we encourage individuality. We embrace diversity. We want people to bring their own style and contribute to the richness of our organisation. We are inspired by each other’s knowledge and experiences. We foster a fun, friendly environment to encourage sharing and collaboration so we can thrive as individuals.

Amongst others, we offer our employees the chance to work:

  • in an international environment 
  • on great scale projects
  • with passionate colleagues
  • and benefit from real development opportunities

Our employees are passionate about cyber security at Airbus. Read why!

I’m especially lucky to work with a really great team, on a personal and technical level, and with an excellent international reputation."

Tiphaine Romand-Latapie

Read more

I analyse new malware to identify programs that could affect Airbus, then I study them as if I were a hacker."

Quentin Fois

Read more
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Apply now to Cyber Security jobs

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