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Partnering with distinguished associations


Airbus works with the global education community to support the development of internationally minded students with the skills we have identified as important for our business in the future.


Airbus is a corporate member of the Global Engineering Deans Council. GEDC members are individuals responsible for setting the agenda for higher education in engineering in their countries and universities. The GEDC Airbus Diversity Award is a joint initiative which recognises individuals and programmes that have succeeded in increasing diversity amongst the engineering student body worldwide.

More information on GEDC is available here.


IFEES works with a large number of member societies to establish effective high-quality engineering education around the world to ensure a global supply of well-prepared engineering graduates. Airbus has been a member since 2012. The organisation plays an active role in organising the World Engineering Education Forum and our representative, Rachel Schroeder, Head of Employment Marketing (Airbus) and Employment Marketing Strategy (Airbus) was the co-chair of the 2015 event.

Read more on IFEES here.

Other partnerships

Alouette Association

In a project from the Alouette association, students at the Lycée Aristide Briand, in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, learn technical skills while restoring old aircraft. Retired Airbus Helicopters employees support the students’ training which takes place during the academic year.

Partnership page – Les Allouettes


Airbus' mentors pass along their knowledge to the new generation.

Elles bougent

Airbus promotes workplace diversity with its support for initiatives like “Elles bougent,” an association that promotes company diversity, with a focus on women.

Airbus is an equal opportunity employer and aims to hire a minimum of 20% women across all divisions annually. We are focusing efforts on facilitating access for women in areas where they are currently underrepresented.

To help achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive range of activities to promote jobs in aeronautics and space to women. These initiatives include site visits, airshow tours and events that allow to increase awareness among female employees and reinforce the attractiveness of the aerospace industry to them. The events include forums, conferences and seminars organized by educational institutions (for example the Summer School of the International Institute of Women in Engineering).

Les Cordées de la Réussite

Les Cordées de la Réussite is a network of partnerships established between one or more higher education institutions and high schools or other colleges. 

What unites them is their shared objective to promote equal opportunities and to encourage young people to pursue higher education.  This is achieved through multiple activities, including tutoring and academic support, or by assisting with accommodation and learning aids. 

The initiative is led by young people within higher education institutions, who aim to tackle the cultural and other barriers faced by their peers considering higher education. Leading companies like Airbus become part of the “chain” by offering support including mock job interviews, internships and mentoring.

Partnerships and Competitions


Airbus Global University Partner Programme

Airnovation Summer Academy

Awards and Sponsorships


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