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Work for Airbus in Toulouse


Division: Airbus (Corporate Functions), Airbus (Commercial Aircraft), Airbus Defence and Space Employees: approx. 20,000

What we do

Toulouse is the home of Airbus headquarters, comprising many support and strategic functions (customer relations, supply management, human resources, marketing, sales and communications, finance and more).

The greater Toulouse region hosts the activities of multiple Airbus divisions. For Commercial Aircraft, it is the final assembly line location for numerous Airbus jetliners (the A320 Family, A350 XWB, A330 and A380), and has facilities dedicated to cabin furnishing and painting. A wide range of functions located in the Toulouse region support the design, development, production and delivery of Airbus aircraft: from engineering (general design, systems and integration tests, definition of the structure and more), structural testing and materials processes development to systems organisation, flight tests, architecture and general design, integration tests and systems, propulsion, structural design and computation, as well as aircraft painting and delivery.

The Airbus Training Centre also provides many training opportunities of all categories for Airbus customers and operators who fly its jetliners (flight crews, maintenance staff, cabin attendants, and performance and operational staff).

Flight-testing for the A400M military transport and other military aircraft built at Airbus facilities in Spain is often shared between Toulouse and the company’s flight test facilities in Spain.

At Airbus Defence and Space’s sites in Toulouse, employees work on space products, including the Ariane launch vehicle, satellite manufacturing and satellite-based digital information-gathering, and analysis. 

The initial satellites for the OneWeb constellation were manufactured at the OneWeb Satellites facility on the Airbus Defence and Space in the greater Toulouse region. OneWeb Satellites is a joint venture between OneWeb, a global communications company with the mission to provide worldwide internet access, and Airbus. The Toulouse facility is being used to validate the innovative production methods necessary to manufacture these satellites at an unprecedented scale, de-risk any potential issues as well as lay the framework for the larger multi-line OneWeb Satellites factory in the U.S. near Florida’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Airbus CyberSecurity – a European specialist in cyber security with the mission to protect governments, military, organisations and critical national infrastructure from cyber threats – has developed its business activities in Toulouse since the beginning of 2017.



Did you know?

You can have a tour of our offices in Toulouse thanks to the 360° experience digital accelerator.

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Health Safety & Environment Toulouse Area, France
Leadership Toulouse Area, France
Computing&Comm and Info& Data Processing Toulouse Area, France
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Qualification & Operability Toulouse Area, France
Elec.Electron.&Electromag,Optics&Optron. Toulouse Area, France
Flight & Space Physics Toulouse Area, France
Powerplant and Propulsion Toulouse Area, France
Information Mgmt and Digital Technology Toulouse Area, France
Customer Flight/Mission & Ops Support Toulouse Area, France
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