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Division: Airbus Defence and Space Employees:: approx. 120

What we do

Anechoic Chamber at Airbus Italia

Airbus Italia, formerly known as Space Engineering S.p.A., has more than 30 years of experience in space technologies. It has a recognized expertise in research, development, engineering, simulation, prototyping, integration, testing, validation, small-scale production for Space & Ground system and components, owning a significant number of international patents on antennas, radars, scientific software and Digital Signal Processing.

Airbus Italia operates in the satellite telecommunications sector, developing applications for the Internet of Things, mobile terminals for airborne, train and land applications, RF components and ground modems. Payload Engineering and Assembly, Integration and Test capacities complete its assets.

The Rome Headquarters and Industrial Plant share the same industrial complex in Tiburtina area, where most of the Italian companies dealing with space are located. The industrial plant has been mainly equipped for payload and electronic equipment assembly, integration and testing. The following facilities/services are available:

  • RF Test Range (i.e., an Anechoic Chamber);
  • Clean room;
  • Movement Simulator;
  • Climatic Chamber;
  • RF & Digital Laboratory;
  • Mechanical laboratory;
  • Storage, handling and Shipping facilities.

Since 1989, the company has been involved in major space programmes including: Meteosat SG, Radarsat-2, Galileo, telecom satellites for Eutelsat and Astra, COSMO-SkyMed, Alphasat, Eutelsat Quantum, and EDRS SpaceDataHighWay satellites.

Did you know?

Lazio, where Rome is located, is the only Italian region which hosts the whole aerospace value chain, granting an important competitive advantage at national and international level. The Lazio Aerospace Technology Cluster (DTA) includes 250 companies with 23.500 employees and 5 billion € turnover.

Our open positions

Bid Manager


  • Business Line / Function: Business Growth and Proposals / Bid Manager
  • Reports to: Head of Business Growth and Proposals


Mission: He/She ensures the analyses of the tender and the management of the activities to achieve full compliance to the tender requests in due time, including management of the internal and external interfaces. 



  • He/She Leads the campaign / deal negotiation in close cooperation with other Company Functions and is responsible for proposal delivery on time and on quality
  • He/She Is responsible of the Bid Preparation Process in response to National and International RFI/RFP mainly in the Defence and Space market. This includes:  tender requirements analyses; preparation of proposal documentation; management and coordination of subcontractors and key suppliers from a commercial point of view; preparation of the commercial offer; price breakdown definition; presentation of the Bid to Executives for approval; lead the negotiation phase and contract acquisition.
  • Coordinate all inputs to the proposal, coordinate and circulate actions and feedbacks, pay attention to proposal quality and standards, ensure formal compliance to internal rules.
  • Prepare and lead the internal reviews meeting


Education/Training: Engineering or Economic Background with sound knowledge of the complementary field



  • Minimum 5 years’ experience as Bid Manager for leading Company in the Defence and Space Sector in international environment
  • Ability to work under pressure and within schedule in a collaborative and open manner
  • Ability to work in a multicultural context, to interact with people of different cultural background in a constructive manner to achieve commonly accepted results



  • Good knowledge of international RFP structures in the Defence and Space Market
  • Good knowledge of MS Office



  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Italian – fluent
  • English – fluent
  • Knowledge of other languages is an asset



  • Ability to set-up, lead and manage multifunctional teams in order to deliver proposals and close deals
  • Agile and collaborative, able to think and act as promoter of business initiatives


Contact: send your cv to

PA & Safety Engineer


  • Business Line / Function: Quality
  • Reports to: Head of Quality


Mission: Establish and maintain the PA & Safety programme within projects



  • Establishing the PA&S requirements baseline for all elements of the projects, in compliance with the European general Product Assurance and Safety policy; Produce and implement plans, define inputs, outputs, participants, responsibilities, interfaces, coordinate efforts of participants, and produce resulting consolidated inputs.
  • Reviewing contractor’s plans, specifications and effort proposed for the execution of the project PA&S programme; Produce reports of review activities performed (e.g. documents reviewed, checklists used, spot check performed) and conclusions/recommendations.
  • Monitoring project & PA status & identify relevant PA issues, including NCR / SPR / Waivers / Problems / Critical Items and systematically tracking all items. Produce monthly reports of monitoring activities performed (e.g. inspections, checks, visits, reviews), including conclusions and recommendations.
  • Assessing the implementation of PA&S requirements by contractors, participating in design and safety reviews and directing the necessary preventive or corrective actions; Produce monthly reports with assessment activities performed (e.g. documents reviewed, checklists used, spot check performed), contribution to design and safety reviews, and activities related to preventive/corrective action.
  • Participating in the Boards established within the project for the disposition of Nonconformances / Failure Reviews, Test Reviews, etc.; Produce reports of participation to boards, indicating the contribution made to these boards (e.g. review of agendas, participants, minutes of meeting, action follow up, close-out).
  • Guiding and monitoring the application and procurement of EEE parts, materials and processes and controlling implementation of applicable requirements; Produce reports on guidance provided, monitoring activities performed and status of compliance to applicable requirements.
  • Establishing and maintaining the RAMS program
  • Monitoring the manufacturing, integration and test activities with quality assurance audits, mandatory and key inspection points, test witnessing and configuration inspections; Produce report on activities performed with conclusion and recommendations.
  • Defining the formal acceptance requirements and conducting the Acceptance Reviews of all contractual deliverable items; Produce and implement plans for the preparation of the formal acceptance requirements, defining steps, inputs, outputs, participants, responsibilities, interfaces, and coordinating efforts of participants to produce resulting consolidated inputs to project documents. Produce also reports on the activities performed for conduction of Acceptance Reviews.
  • Supporting the organisation & management of the support from all PA disciplines, including risk analysis
  • Controlling NCR / Waivers / Problems / Critical Items. Produce meeting agendas, check that all inputs are available for the NRB or CCB, check that all needed participants are involved, produce NRB or CCB minutes of meeting, follow-up on actions identified, ensure proper non-conformance/wavier/problem/critical item close-out. Produce also reports on control activities performed.
  • PA for the verification, qualification, acceptance & delivery activities.
  • Participating in progress meetings and CCB meetings. Produce inputs to the meeting and whenever requested, produce meeting agendas, check that all inputs are available, check that all needed participants are involved, produce minutes of meeting, follow-up on actions identified, ensure proper close-out.
  • Participating in all project reviews, including safety reviews. Produce reports on all review activities performed (e.g. documents reviewed, checklists used, spot check performed), conclusions and recommendations.
  • Reporting project PA status (deviations from plan / schedule of all of above).
  • In the frame of company Quality organization, supporting the definition of Quality Objectives and relevant KPI definition/monitoring


Education/Training: Master’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent, preferably aerospace domain.



  • At least 5 years of professional relevant experience 



  • Experience with Product & Quality Assurance
  • Good knowledge of ECSS framework
  • Knowledge of RAMS methodologies will be an asset
  • Knowledge of APQP methodology will be an asset
  • Knowledge of AQAP series 2000 standards will be an asset
  • Knowledge of Configuration Management or the implementation of Product Assurance within a quality systems certified to ISO9001 would be an asset.


Languages: Fluent in English 



  • Excellent team working an relational skills
  • Practical and rigorous attitude
  • Capable of clear communication also aimed at conflict resolution
  • Autonomous, with good organizational skills and able to manage priorities according the associated risks


Contact: send your cv to

Junior RF & Microwave Engineer


  • Business Line / Function: System Technologies
  • Reports to: Head of System Technologies


Mission: The role involves to follow R&D studies, projects and industrial activities in the frame of RF active developments



As part of the team working on RF system analysis and developments and particularly in the RF active field for space applications, the primary tasks and activities will include:

  • Design of active and passive RF components, from few MHz up to 100 GHz, including concept formulation, feasibility and trade-off
  • Synthesis, circuit design, electromagnetic modelling and simulation of RF active and passive components
  • RF microwave system design fundamentals, knowledge of the main concepts
  • In collaboration with other disciplines (quality, mechanical, thermal, technology), selection and detailed definition of the most appropriate manufacturing processes and procedures to be followed for the development of space qualified RF components
  • Implementation of components purchase and development plan
  • Smart testing capabilities and knowledge of the most common instrumentation and measurement technique are requested
  • Contribution to the preparation of proposals for industrial and R&D activities
  • Preparation of technical reports, program reviews, documentation and presentations


Education/Training: BSc qualification in electronic engineering



  • Minimum work experience in Space projects and/or academic specialization in the microwave field.



  • Very good knowledge of SW tools for design of RF devices, in particular Microwave Office, HFSS, CST
  • Very good knowledge of Matlab and signal processing
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Pragmatic and product/results oriented approach
  • Familiarity with design and technological aspects specific to the development of components for space applications

Languages: English, both oral and written



  • Methodical approach to work
  • Ability to work autonomously and set priorities
  • Team player
  • Commitment
  • Spirit of innovation


Contact: send your cv to


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