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Division: Airbus Helicopters Employees: approx. 177

What we do

Airbus Helicopters Romania

Airbus is Romania’s major partner in the aeronautical sector, generating more than 6,300 direct and indirect jobs.

Airbus has a strong local presence in Romania through Airbus Helicopters (with Airbus Helicopters Romania and Airbus Helicopters Industries), Premium Aerotec, both in Brasov, and Airbus Defence and Space in Romania, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, in Bucharest.

Did you know?

Romania is home to the world’s heaviest building?

Bucharest’s vast Palace of the Parliament counts over 3,500 tons of crystal, 480 chandeliers and 1,409 ceiling lights, while 700,000 tons of steel and bronze was used for monumental doors and windows.

Open vacancies in Brasov

For all the positions, the candidates need to send their applications to

Airworthiness Engineer

Main responsibilities:

  • Analyse and issues Airworthiness office’ specific documents
  • Source equipment and components with tracking analysis for helicopters with major maintenance works: p/n and s/n, SLL (TLV) resources, TBO, OTL (AHRO format)
  • Analysis of AD, ASB, SIN (Safety Information Notice) applicable from the full list of AD, ASB, SIN, by helicopter type
  • Analysis of engine resources: p/n and s/n, SLL (TLV) resources, TBO, OTL (AHRO format)
  • Analysis of SB, SL and application of modifications to engine type.
  • Issue work reports and CRS (within the limits of internal authorizations) with related documentary verification and compliance with EASA regulations.
  • Fill in (records) helicopter documentation with maintenance operations (when there is this type of customer request): aircraft booklet, engine booklet, equipment log card.
  • Participate actively at regular maintenance management meetings and proposes improvement actions.
  • Participate to AHRO aircraft reception, aircraft documentation reception and aircraft and documentation delivery to the customer. Prepare reception/delivery reports.
  • Know the AIRBUS helicopter range, has basic knowledge of helicopter systems and continuously improves his knowledge of helicopter and its systems.
  • Know and applies the technical documentation of helicopters (PRE, AMM, CIP, etc.).
  • Know and apply AHRO procedures and instructions, including dealing with nonconformities, including through Practical Problem Solving (PPS), implementation of quality principles and rules (7Q basics), maintenance records, archiving, etc.

Participate in the development and updating of Quality Management System specific QN documents



  • Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Regulations knowledge for EASA Part 145, Part M
  • Knowledge of aviation standards (EN 9110) and regulations and documents issued by AACR (Global Vision) represents an advantage
  • Experience in aviation industry - minimum 3 years, in the aircraft maintenance field represents an advantage
  • Synthetic and analytic thinking, team player, business understanding, assertive, self-confident, tenacious, adaptable
  • English – proficiency level, French (would be an advantage)

Quality Inspector

Main responsibilities:

  • Comply and appy the provisions of the AHRO quality management system, the provisions of the MOE Part 145 (ERD 004) and the EASA / AACR regulations,
  • Participate in the aircraft technical expertise,
  • Perform the measurements required by the technical documentation and in preparing the control bulletins,
  • Identify and analyses non-compliant products / services, initiates or requests the preparation of specific documents and monitors the implementation of corrective measures,
  • Ensure the collection of data necessary to complete the control file, checks the interruptive phases defined by the control file, checks maintenance works on the aircraft and verifies the record of dimensional values,
  • Centralize and verifies the aircraft maintenance documents, as well as the accompanying components, in order to set up the control file,
  • Archive the documents specific to quality inspection,
  • Validate, as a support staff, the compliance of the maintenance works with  standards and procedures, within the limits of the responsibilities granted by the internal authorization,
  • Perform the final aircraft inspection and double security check, according to the instructions in force,
  • As certifying staff, issue CRS for line maintenance or basic  maintenance, within the limits of the responsibilities granted by the internal authorization,
  • Apply the rules specific to SMS (Safety Management System),
  • Participate in training courses organized in or outside of the company,
  • Collaborate in the elaboration and revision of the Quality System instructions.



  • Basic knowledge of helicopters and good technical knowledge,
  • Experience in the aviation industry
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office,
  • Good level of English speaking and understanding,
  • Soft skills: synthetic and analytic thinking, team spirit, self - confident, tenacity,  adaptability.

MRO Engineer

Main responsibilities:

  • Organize and coordinates the activity of a MRO sub-team, dedicated by type of aircraft / project:
  • Plan and organize repair activities according to the schedule of releases and approved by the Program Management department;
  • Take measures to increase the efficiency of the activity, optimizes the execution time, reduces the consumption of raw materials, fuel and energy;
  • Monitor the compliance with the instructions and procedures specific to the quality assurance system (EASA Part 145, Part M, ISO 9110);
  • Approve and distributes the works specific to the work teams, collaborates in obtaining the necessary qualifications for the repair and technical section according to the requirements;
  • Optimize the costs and inventory level;
  • Follow that the set terms of execution and delivery are respected;
  • Implement the technical training plans specific to the positions coordinated, according to the legal requirements and business needs;



  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the maintenance and repair activities in the aeronautical field;
  • Knowledge of legislation EASA Part 145, Part M;
  • Soft skills: self organized, decisive, follow-up execution, interpersonal communication, interdepartmental coordination, adaptability, team player;
  • Computer operating system knowledge and experience with ERP, preferably SAP;
  • English - advanced, French is an advantage.

Customer Support Representative

Main responsibilities:

  • Direct interface with the allocated customers
  • Manage customer requests for offers, orders, contracts, deliveries.
  • Internal administrative activities 



  • University degree in technical sciences, preferably Aerospace Engineering;
  • Commercial activities understanding and customer orientation mindset;
  • Preferably 2-4 years operational experience within aeronautical field;
  • Interpersonal communication skills, active listening is key;
  • Conflict management abilities and proactive solution focus;
  • Self-management, responsiveness, team spirit, adaptability, problem solving;
  • Financial KPIs understanding;
  • Microsoft Office user, SAP user;
  • English – proficient; (French – advantage)

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