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How can I apply for a job at Airbus?

Once you have found the offer on the Job Market, you need to create a Candidate Account, complete your profile and proceed with the application. Visit here to access our Job Market.

I have lost the password to access the Candidate Account. What should be done?

If you have lost your password, you can click on "forgotten password" and you will receive a temporary password that will allow you to log back into your Candidate Account and follow the progress of your application.

Do I need to speak a foreign language to work at Airbus?

The business language at Airbus is English. Each job listing in the Job Market includes the specific language requirements for the position. Being able to speak French, Spanish or German is also an asset.

Can I apply for a job for a particular location?

In the Job Market you can filter job opportunities by location. You can also submit your location preferences with your application.

Can I apply for an internship?

Yes. Please visit our internship section, here.

Can I apply for an apprenticeship ?

Airbus offers apprenticeships opportunities in the UK, in France and Germany.
Please visit this section to find out more about the different possibilities. 

What is the difference between the Candidate Account and Candidate Profile?

In the Job Market, your Candidate Profile is part of the Candidate Account.

The Candidate Account is where you go to manage your Candidate Profile and your job applications. You can also search for jobs, change your user name and password or delete your Candidate Profile if you no longer want to be registered in our database.

The Candidate Profile is where you upload files like your CV and cover letter and enter personal information, qualifications, work experience and preferences.

You can update, release and lock your Candidate Profile at any time from the Candidate Account. A 'released' Candidate Profile appears in the candidate pool and can be viewed by Airbus recruiters; a 'locked' Candidate Profile is not visible to Airbus recruiters (for example, when you’re updating it).

Can I save a partially completed application?

When you register in your Candidate Account, you will receive a user name and password.

Once you’re logged in, you can create and work on an application, save it for later, and submit it when it’s completed. You can also modify and change your Candidate Account details.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t receive your user name and password right after registering, check your email account's Spam or Junk folder to ensure the message was not filtered.

How do I send a direct reference letter?

You can upload your reference letter in your documents in your personal account.

Can I apply for more than one position at the same time?

Yes, but it doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of being selected. We strongly advise that you only apply for positions that truly fit your skills and experience, and that you provide as much information about yourself as possible in your online application.

What is Airbus’ policy concerning diversity?

We are proud of our workforce consisting of more than 130 nationalities. We believe that diversity is one of the keys to our success. Learn more about Diversity and Equality here.

I cannot find a suitable position. What should I do?

If there is not a specific position of interest to you in our current job market but you would like to be considered for future opportunities, you can create filtered alerts on your Candidate Account profile, so that you can be notified when a position matching your critieria arises.

Do you consider unsolicited application?

Please note that unsolicited applications will not be considered, the only way to apply is through our online recruiting tool accessible via the Job Market.


Is there an age limit in order to apply for an Apprenticeship Programme?

Airbus offers learning opportunities in different countries and age requirement may vary according to the specific location.

In the United Kingdom students applying to an internship are aged 14 to 19 and can apply at the Broughton site in North Wales or at the Filton site in Bristol.

In France, instead, the age limit for apprenticeships is 31 years old.

If I am an American citizen, can I apply for an Apprenticeship in France?

Apprenticeships at Airbus are open to students of all nationalities but you must be a student in a French school to be eligible for the apprenticeship contract.

Do you offer Apprenticeships in the Military Division and Cyber Security?

Yes, visit our Defence and Space opportunities here.

What does an apprenticeship or internship consist of at Airbus Poland?

First of all, you will receive organizational information from us before you start your apprenticeship or internship.

On the first day we will train you on health and safety rules, you will receive an entry card and we will provide you with a basic package of information about the company.

If you are undergoing a paid internship, you will also sign a fixed-term contract with us.

Your tutor will show you your workplace, talk about tasks and introduce you to the people with whom you will work on a daily basis. If you need support or have any question that your Tutor does not know the answers to, you can also contact the Early Careers Program Coordinator in the HR department. 

At the end of the apprenticeship or internship, you may receive a request from us to evaluate them in the form of an electronic questionnaire.

Usually, the decisions of accepting a student for an apprenticeship or internships for the holiday period are made at the turn of May and June. In the case of a paid internship related to a specific company need, we will let you know as soon as we decide who is the best fit for the role.

Which degree do I need to have to apply for an apprenticeship or internship at Airbus Poland?

We might require specific educational pathway for certain type of roles. For example, the technical departments such as Engineering, Quality or Manufacturing Performance & Improvement prefer engineers that have studied in the field of Mechanics, Energy and Aviation, Production Engineering, Mechatronics, Machine Design or Material Engineering.

We always recommend to send your complete resume mentioning your educational path as well as a motivational letter stating who you are, what are your interest and what drives your passion to apply for an aerospace career. We are also interested in knowing your interests outside of your working field, such as volunteering, student projects, or former work experience (if you have had any).

If you are selected, you will receive a phone call from our HR department and we will organise a meeting (on-line or face-to-face).

Graduate Programmes

Is there any limitation regarding the nationality and the age of the International Graduate Programme candidates?

There are no limits with regard to the nationality or the age of the candidates - the International Graduate Programme is open for all international (EU and non) candidates within any age range. The only limitation is posed on the study and/or work experience of minimum 5 years outside Europe. Please do take these limits into consideration when applying.

To whom do I have to address my cover letter?

You can address your cover letter simply with "Dear Sir or Madam". The cover letter is mandatory to be attached to your online application.

Can I be eligible for the International Graduate Programme if I have studied and/or worked less than 5 years outside Europe?

Unfortunately, we are afraid that we can’t take your application into account. The 5 years experience limit is a hard limit.

However, we are still looking for people who want to join us. Thus, do not hesitate to apply for a direct entry at Airbus

The system is not working. Can I apply via e-mail?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply via e-mail. Please use our online application tool in order to apply - otherwise your application might not be considered. If the problem remains, please contact our support team through your Candidate Account section.

Does Airbus sponsor work permits and visa for non-Europeans?

Of course we will help you to get your visa and work permit once you are selected for a position.

Where am I more likely to be assigned for my first job position?

For your first job assignment you will be located at one of the main European sites of Airbus and its divisions which are:

  • Sites in Germany: Hamburg, Munich, Donauwörth, Bremen
  • Sites in France: Toulouse, Marignane, Suresnes
  • Sites in UK: Stevenage, Portsmouth, Broughton, Filton
  • Sites in Spain: Getafe, Seville

The second and third job assignment will be in another business area.

What happens to me at the end of the programme?

At the end of the two years, you will no longer be a graduate. You will return to your “home” country and “home” function, where you will have spent your first year and to which you will have remained assigned throughout the programme. It won’t necessarily be in the exact same team but it will be in the same area of the business and this will be your first position at Airbus.

What are the dates of the programme for the third generation?

We are looking at onboarding the third round of IGP graduates in January 2021 with the programme lasting until April 2023. If your application is successful you will be required to come to Toulouse for an Assessment Event, which will take place during 2020. You will therefore need to have your visa ready for this visit if you hold a non-European passport.

What documents will I need to provide if my application is successful?

Amongst other documents we will need a copy of your ID, passport and birth certificate. We will also need a copy of your diplomas.
Will need to be returned to us in the time frame indicated in the acceptance notification to complete all the necessary visa and immigration procedures in time.

How will I be supported if I go abroad for one of my assignments?

There is a specific mobility package for the IGP programme, which will be applied to you individually for the 8 months of your rotation.

Interns / Placement

What document do I need for my application?

Please upload your CV, a cover letter (please type it into the free text field rather than attach the document), relevant certificates and your university grades.

For Germany only: please also upload a current certificate of enrolment, except from your study regulations/guidelines if it is a compulsory internship 

What is the maximum length of an internship?

Internships at Airbus usually last three months or more. 

For Germany only: after completing a compulsory internship, it is possible for students to undertake a voluntary internship of up to three months.

Can I undertake an internship if it is not a mandatory part of my studies? (Germany only)

Yes, it is possible. However please note that if you are undertaking the internship on a voluntary basis during your studies, i.e. not as a compulsory requirement of a study programme, the maximum duration is 3 months.

Can I apply to an internship even though I'm not a student?

Please consider that for our published internship positions in France, Germany and the UK, candidates need to be enrolled in a university for the whole time of the working contract in order to be considered for the internship position.

Can I apply for more than one position in parallel?

You can certainly apply for more than one position at the same time, but it doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of being selected. We strongly advise that you only apply for positions that truly fit your skills and experience, and that you provide as much information about yourself as possible in your online application. Therefore, you need to create your own profile in your Candidate Account, which you can use for all your applications within our company.

Is it possible to write a final thesis after doing an internship?

In principle, this is possible and often topics arise during internships. However, we cannot give any information about whether it is possible in a specific case, as this must be clarified with the department in question at the appropriate time.

Is it possible to start the internship later than written in the job posting?

The start date can be adjusted slightly after a consultation with the department. You will get more detailed information from the department if you get invited to an interview. Please let us know your availability in your cover letter. 

How can I apply if I cannot find the right internship?

You can create your Candidate Account and set up a job alert in order to find out about new offers matching your search criteria.

Can I apply for full-time job after completing an internship in Airbus?

Following your experience within the group you can apply for a full-time job by visiting our Job Market.

Is it necessary to acquire a visa for joining an Airbus internship if am a graduate from my country?

If you are interested in one of our internships abroad, do not hesitate to visit our dedicated Internship page for all the necessary information. Please note, we only accept applications via our job portal. 

VIE Programme

What is a VIE Programme?

You can find all the information on our dedicated section

Who is eligible for a VIE?

We are looking for highly motivated graduates who are EU citizens (including Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and who have fulfilled their country's military service obligations, if required.

Ideally, candidates should have an engineering or business school background and possess an innovative spirit and a strong desire to learn. Some work experience abroad is helpful, fluency in English is essential and knowledge of other relevant languages is an advantage.

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