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Apprenticeships in France

Ready to shape the future?

We offer apprenticeship opportunities across many disciplines – ranging from production, engineering, IT, cyber, procurement and finance to strategy, customer support, marketing and sales. You will work alongside experienced employees, gaining invaluable insights into a wide range of vocations.  

Open to students of all nationalities, the Lycée Airbus in Toulouse teaches a French curriculum and its mission is to form future manufacturing profiles (Bac professionnel over 3 years).

When should I apply?

From February to June for a duration of 1 up to 3 years.

What is the recruitment process?

An infographic showing the recruitment process for Airbus’ apprenticeship programme in France.

When will I start?

Between September and November

Application requirements

From CAP to BAC + 5

Where do we recruit? 


We offer apprenticeship in our 3 divisions:


  • Airbus Commercial Aircraft
  • Airbus Defence & Space
  • Airbus Helicopters

Find an apprenticeship in France

Software Engineering Toulouse Area, France
Software Engineering Toulouse Area, France
Structure Design & Integration Marseille Area, France
Information Mgmt and Digital Technology München Area, France
Software Engineering Toulouse Area, France
Customer Eng.&Technical Support&Services Rochefort, France
Customer Eng.&Technical Support&Services Toulouse Area, France
Information Mgmt and Digital Technology Toulouse Area, France
Quality Assurance Toulouse Area, France
Accounting Toulouse Area, France
Quality Management System Nantes Area, France
Qualification & Operability Toulouse Area, France
Manufacturing Engineering Toulouse Area, France

They say about it

Watch Mathilde's experience during her apprenticeship at Airbus Helicopters in Marignane, near Marseille, France. 

Apprenticeship Programme At AH

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