Meet Eugene

Meet Eugene

Lead – UAS Design and Production

“Airbus is one of the biggest player in the industry and being able to join Airbus Helicopters, was a breakthrough in my career”

Eugene started his career within the aerospace and aviation industry back in 2008 while pursuing his Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Systems with Singapore University of Social Science. “I was a Senior Avionics Technician performing line maintenance and operations for helicopters for 2 years before a friend of mine referred me to . It was a life changing moment with the opportunities given to me and being able to work with many helicopter enthusiasts.” says, Eugene who joined Airbus Helicopters in 2011.

Celebrating his 10th year with Airbus, Eugene looked back at the many development opportunities he had and is grateful for it. Eugene joined Airbus as an Avionics Technician performing in-depth and effective troubleshooting, retrofits and routine maintenance on Airbus fleet of . Upon graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Systems, he had the opportunity to join the newly Service Bulletin team. Seeking something different after 6 years, he took on the challenge with UTM Lab as a Senior Engineer in Avionics Design and Production. “With UTM Lab, every day is a learning experience. There are new technologies constantly emerging within the drone industry. I get to design, develop and build drones. one day is routine!”


“Few of the best experiences in Airbus are being able to work with colleagues globally and to travel to many countries.”

As an Avionic Technician, Eugene travelled to many cities in China to work on helicopter modifications where he learned from the different operators on how they operate and maintain their helicopters, and exchange knowledge and skills. “Another exciting experience was working on a modification project I had the opportunity to visit our office in France to oversee the installation of the modifications. It is like seeing the fruit of your labour.”

Eugene believes that there are opportunities everywhere in Airbus and in his words, “you have to take charge and pursue them yourself”. He shared that he likes the multi-cultural environment especially in Singapore and everyone works closely together regardless of your background.

Out of work, Eugene enjoys hitting the gym and is a long-time volunteer as an elderly befriender where he visits and gives calls to elderly under his care.

Eugene's career path at Airbus

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