Meet Ariane

Meet Ariane

Occupant Safety Specialist at Airbus Canada

“I feel lucky to work for an employer who is committed to provide environment that support work-life balance.”

Ariane started her career in aerospace 18 years ago, just after she graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal in Electrical Engineering with a specialty in Avionics systems. “I’ve always been passionate about traveling and fascinated by the magic behind the systems that can keep an aircraft running smoothly and safely.” – says Ariane with the light in her eyes.

Along her career path, Ariane particularly enjoyed being part of the service life of the aircraft and having the opportunity to exchange with customers. “I must say that, along the years, my priority has always turned towards the safety of an aircraft. And after having had 3 children and starting enjoying travelling with my family, I really take passengers’ well-being at heart.”

Ariane’s eager to ensure comfort and safety when flying, pushed her to specialize in the safety and security field. She applied to become an Occupant Safety Specialist and joined the Airbus Family in 2018 integrating the A220 programme. “When the A220 family was transferred to Airbus Canada, it felt natural to follow the project and realizing how much Airbus was investing in this programme and creating a permanent and fulfilling work environment in Mirabel. I was impressed by the proposed transparent work culture and ambitious vision of the aerospace future.”

Ariane’s favorite part of her job is doing the final cabin inspection of a new customer before delivery. “It usually takes around two to three full days and we pass through every Occupant safety requirement with the authorities to ensure the design of the cabin is safe. It's always a very demanding and intense experience, but it allows me to really feel and enjoy all the technological work and efforts behind the aircraft design and construction. I feel fortunate to be on site and see everything coming together.”

Aside from work, Ariane is a true outdoor sport lover and shares this passion with her whole family. “We are alpine skiing fans during winter, water sports adept during summer and Ultimate Frisbee addict all year long. There is a huge Ultimate Frisbee community in Montreal metropolitan where my husband and I have been playing on the same team for more than 15 years and are now counting on our kids to take over. I guess even my free time is devoted to flying things!"

Ariane's career path at Airbus

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