Airbus Faces

Airbus Faces

Meet some of our employees and discover what they do

Our employees are our best ambassadors.

They achieve the extraordinary everyday and share their experience throughout their career path at Airbus. Follow their global adventures.

Meet Stella, EASI Tester Software Engineer at Airbus Helicopters, Marignane

Stella's professional career has always been linked to Airbus Helicopters. She started to work in 2007 as an Airbus subcontractor in the simulation department “Sphere” after receiving her Master's in Information Systems from Université d'Aix in Marseille. Stella's studies dealt with image processing, pattern recognition and geometrical modeling, so the aeronautical environment presented a new challenge. 

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Meet Ariane, Occupant Safety Specialist at Airbus Canada

Ariane started her career in aerospace 18 years ago, just after she graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal in Electrical Engineering with a specialty in Avionics systems. “I’ve always been passionate about traveling and fascinated by the magic behind the systems that can keep an aircraft running smoothly and safely.”

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Meet Felix, Business Development Director Airbus China

When asked what makes a successful Business Development Director, Felix pointed out the need to know everything about the industry at your fingertips, good time management and your love for aviation and aerospace. “Love and passion is what drive me to constantly look at new and possible opportunities”. Having been in the industry for more than 12 years, Felix believes in constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills. 

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Meet Anna, Project Manager at Engineering Centre Airbus Russia

Anna joined Airbus in 2008 as Stress Engineer at the Engineering Center of Airbus Russia, after graduating at the Moscow University.

During her first five years of activity, Anna gained invaluable experience in engineering and grew as a specialist at different projects and programs. This period of her life was memorable, especially when Anna represented the Moscow team during a business trip in Hamburg.

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A portrait of Wojciech in Airbus offices in Poland.
Meet Wojciech, Head of Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Development at Airbus Poland

Wojciech has experienced a lot in his career at Airbus. “I spent a year in Seville to complete my material revision board training and it was the adventure of my life!” In addition to his experience in Seville, he was excited to work on a project a few years ago in the clean room to create satellite harnesses. These harnesses are part of the electrical system inside the satellite for information and the power supply.

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Portrait of Sun in front of her place of work.
Meet Sun, Customer Manager & Stress Leader at Airbus Engineering Centre Beijing

As a Customer Manager and Stress Leader of Airbus Beijing Engineering Centre, Sun takes safety, efficiency and team trust at the heart of her role. After graduation in Mechanical Engineering, she joined Airbus in 2010 as Stress Engineer and then moved to Stress Skill Leader, playing a vital role in determining the stress performance of structures when subjected to forces and heavy loads. 

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