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Airbus Training

Airbus Training

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Training centre network

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Our mission

Airbus Training Services provide state-of-the-art solutions to ensure safe, reliable and economically-efficient operations on all Airbus aircraft throughout their lifecycle. Airbus is on-hand to offer support every step of the way. A comprehensive and tailored training portfolio is designed and developed by Airbus for pilots, cabin crews, performance and operations engineers, maintenance personnel, and structure and repair specialists.

With the aviation sector’s anticipated requirement for 540,000 new pilots during the next two decades, Airbus initiated the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme. Co-developed with ENAC (Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile), the Airbus ab initio flight training programme was launched during the summer of 2018 and was approved by the EASA in the following months. Initial courses started in January 2019 with the first partner school in Mexico, Escuela de Aviacion Mexico (EAM), located near the Airbus Mexico Training Centre. After completing the initial training with EAM, cadets can continue their education at the Airbus Mexico Training Centre to become fully-qualified Airbus A320 pilots. Similar partnerships are planned across the globe over the coming years.

Leveraging cross-divisional synergies, Airbus also has decided to build on the competencies of its existing flight academy to deliver its new pilot cadet training programme in Europe. The Airbus Flight Academy Europe, formerly known as Cassidian Aviation Training Services (CATS), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus. Based in the southwest of France (at Angoulême), it uses Airbus standard instructors to deliver the ab initio Pilot Cadet Training Programme. The Airbus Flight Academy Europe aims to train up to 200 pilot cadets annually.

Using a modern fleet of both single and multi-engine aircraft equipped with full digital cockpit technology as well as the latest flight simulators, the training programme will provide students with the skills and mindset required to become operationally-ready pilots, focusing on the important development of key pilot technical and behavioural competences. 

Our offer

We propose a comprehensive training portfolio addressing pilots, cabin crew, maintenance personnel, structure and repair specialists. The different training courses can be run in Airbus Training Centres across our network; they can also be delivered at customers’ doorstep thanks to mobile solutions or even at trainees’ desk through e-Training features.

With our wide range of training solutions, we are able to propose scalable training services adapted to any customer, thus becoming the one-stop-shop covering their entire operational needs.  

We strive to incorporate the latest technologies and training concepts in all training domains, such as competency-based training, evidence based training, or learning by doing.

Our innovative virtual training devices like the Airbus Competence Trainer (ACT) and the Airbus Cockpit Experience (ACE) Trainer allow us to bring more realism by introducing simulation at very early stages. The trainees can learn and practice in a 3D interactive environment for more effective knowledge retention.

Pilot Cadet Training Programme

The Airbus (ab-initio) Pilot Cadet Training Programme aims to equip cadets with the skills and mind-set required to become an “operationally-ready pilot” focusing on the all-important development of key pilot technical and behavioural competencies.

Discover more and apply for the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme:

Getting closer to our customer

As the world fleet grows; so to does the need for more pilots and technicians to meet the needs of airlines and passengers. 

Airbus forecasts that over the next 20 years more than a million of such professionals will be needed to be trained to the highest levels.

We are progressively expanding our training network to support fleet growth worldwide and to support our customers by extending our training capabilities locally. In the last three years, we have moved from five to 18 training locations: discover our Training Network

We will continue to extend our network and move closer to our customers by proposing local, pragmatic and tailored training solutions. These solutions cover the entire pilot and technician carrier paths, from cadets to their airline operational environment. Discover our Training offer.

Our worldwide training network allows us to propose the right training in the right place, closer to you.

We are committed to deliver the highest standards of training on the market. Thanks to our local standardisation teams we can ensure that the same quality of training is deployed across our global network.

Airbus training centres

Airbus training centres

The worldwide availability of Airbus’ training services and solutions brings Airbus expertise close to its customers

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