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Living Space 

Living Space 

Cabin Services

Connected and entertained

The A330neo cabin will integrate fourth-generation in-flight entertainment, with high-definition viewing resolution and discrete electronic boxes that provide clear under-seat legroom

In a connected world, passengers and airlines benefit from seamless access to high-speed broadband internet and mobile telephony just as they do at home. Passengers now enjoy the latest in-flight-entertainment with greater viewing comfort, thanks to larger high-definition screens and more content choices, as they do in their living rooms.

Airbus’ open and secure platforms enable state-of-the-art entertainment and broadband connectivity. They are designed to encompass future applications, services and emerging devices or technologies, such as virtual reality.

Clean space

Airbus’ latest lavatory with new hygiene features is both a revolution and a revelation. Visibly brighter and cleaner, the lavatories offer antibacterial surfaces, touchless operation for flushing, taps, waste flap and toilet lid – along with discreet aroma dispensers and soothing, ambient sounds. Overall the lavatory feels more spacious thanks to stylish full-colour LED lighting and a softer, more rounded trim and finish.

Smart solutions

The Airspace theme of the perfect use of space is very evident in Airbus’ approach to cabin services, where smart solutions benefits both passengers and crew. The company’s cross-programme space optimisation formula – continuously enhancing monuments like galleys, lavatories or stairs – enables more seats or galley services without reducing comfort, opening more opportunities for airlines to generate revenue.

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Living space

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