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Inspiring Space

Inspiring Space

Cabin Ambience

First impressions count 

Airbus knows how to make an entrance, having developed solutions to create the right impression at boarding, genuinely welcoming passengers on to the aircraft. These solutions include specific design features, customisable panels to beautify ceilings, as well as special lighting effects.

Making magic out of light

The right cabin lighting makes an important difference to passengers’ experience and enjoyment of flight. The state-of-the-art LED lighting on all Airbus aircraft gives airlines precise control over the cabin lighting, with an infinite number of scenarios available. This means Airbus can support the airlines’ own brand, set the right ambience throughout all phases of flight and even reduce jetlag.

No need to shout in quiet cabins

Airspace cabins are quieter. No matter which Airbus aircraft you fly on, it has a quiet cabin. Thanks to the company’s holistic and proactive approach to acoustic design for each new aircraft programme, the result is noticeably quieter cabins – which help passengers to relax, rest and arrive at their destination refreshed.

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Inspiring space

Relaxing space

Living space

Beautiful space

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