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Beautiful space

Beautiful space

Cabin Design

Family feeling

As the product of Airbus’ world-renowned cabin design heritage, Airspace provides a timeless foundation that is both contemporary and memorable. It has a consistent design language that not only promotes spaciousness, but a recognisable family of Airbus cabins.

Design quality

Offering a sophisticated, flexible canvas, Airbus cabin design is a backdrop onto which airlines can project their own brand. Using design elements like straight lines, clean shapes and clear surfaces, Airbus create the most spacious cabins with Airspace. The signature details and iconic elements, as well as the high quality of trim and finish, are recognisable throughout the cabin, adding to passengers’ enjoyment of the flight.

Launched in March 2016, the Airspace  cabin brand will inspire and empower airlines to build the next generation of personalised flying experiences, while simultaneously optimising economic performance
Passengers flying in an “Airspace by Airbus” cabin will appreciate the larger overhead storage bins, spacious and contemporary lavatories and unobstructed under-seat foot space

Smart design

Experience a seamless blend of appearance and functionality with Airbus’ cabin design. Simple, balanced and rational, it is a design that is intuitive for all user touch points.

The A330neo (new engine option) has been the launch vehicle for the Airspace  cabin brand, which connects passenger well-being with the operational performance of airlines

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Inspiring space

Relaxing space

Living space

Beautiful space

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