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Cabin and Comfort

Cabin and Comfort

Passenger Aircraft

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Cabin and comfort

Technology and Innovation




Unmatched flying experience

Passenger comfort is a major design consideration for Airbus, which is why the company’s product line of modern jetliners – its single-aisle A220 and A320 Families, the versatile A330 Family, the A350 XWB new-generation aircraft, and the 21st century flagship A380 – have built a reputation for offering the most enjoyable experiences aloft today.

Inside the cabin

Airbus’ A350 XWB Customer Definition Centre (CDC) in Hamburg is a “one-stop shop” for airlines to establish their own A350 XWB cabin definition in one place.

Airbus cabins are designed to offer passengers and airlines the highest levels of comfort, services and efficiency in order to ensure the best possible passenger experience across all its aircraft families. Not only are Airbus cabins innovative and attractive, they are continuously being improved to offer travellers the quietest, most comfortable and enjoyable journeys. In addition, Airbus has always championed passenger comfort with wider cross-sections for wider seats – particularly in economy class.

Airbus created a cabin centre at its Toulouse, France headquarters with full-scale interior mock-ups of the company’s jetliners, along with displays of buyer-furnished equipment. In addition, Airbus has developed configuration tools that help customers define their cabin layouts and equipment requirements. Since then, the company has opened its A350 XWB Customer Definition Centre (CDC) in Hamburg, Germany and the Tianjin Completion & Delivery Centre in China. 

As cabin furnishings, seats and other elements are selected and purchased by the operator, Airbus works hand-in-hand with them to determine the best possible match with market requirements and in-flight service – providing a number of customisation options from which the most effective layout can be chosen. 

Latest technologies

All Airbus jetliners can be fitted with state-of-the-art In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems offering passengers individual screens with high-quality audio and video programming on-demand. Passengers can even receive other services such as satellite live television broadcasts, safety instructions in their own language, live views from landscape cameras outside of the aircraft, international news or connecting flight information. These latest-generation entertainment systems are fully integrated into the seat, which not only creates further legroom but also allows the connection of their own personal electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets or laptops. 

Airspace by Airbus_A330neo in-flight entertainment

IFE now provides on-board connectivity, available on all Airbus aircraft. Passengers can use their personal wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops to send and receive SMS messages, e-mails, access the internet or make and receive phone calls. Easily manageable by cabin crew, a selectable “voice-off” mode restricts cell-phone usage to data services only (SMS, e-mail and internet). Passengers’ feedback proves the service is a tremendous success and airlines love this feature as it enables them to reach passengers personally and generate ancillary revenues. 

Making sure that cabin crew are as comfortable and well rested as possible is essential to helping them to give the best possible service to passengers. Across the Airbus aircraft families, innovative solutions have been used to provide crew with comfortable and private rest areas without taking away vital space for passengers in the cabin.

A relaxing environment

A320neo joined the Airspace family in June 2017, providing both tangible benefits to passengers and differentiation to airlines.

Airbus was the first manufacturer to introduce ambient lighting as a factory fit option on commercial aircraft. Today it is possible to provide ambient lighting on all Airbus aircraft, allowing airlines to adapt the cabin lighting and create an atmosphere in line with their branding and colour scheme, choosing from a palette of 16 million colours. 

Pre-defined lighting scenarios use colours, brightness levels and dynamic transitions to provide a pleasant and refined cabin atmosphere in all phases of flight. For example, this feature can be utilised to reduce the effects of jet lag by simulating sunrise or sunset – ensuring passengers arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to go. The adoption of LED technology throughout the cabin improves control, the variety of scenarios, and the quality of the lighting, so that airlines can “make magic” out of light. 

Airbus cabins are the quietest cabins in the sky, which greatly contributes to how rested and refreshed passengers feel upon landing. Airbus’ aircraft often surprise people by how quiet it is on-board, especially when it comes to the A380. Passengers' overall perception is one of peace and quiet, making a major contribution toward stress-free and restful flights. All Airbus long-haul cabins are at least three decibels quieter than the competition.

Outside the cabin

All Airbus development aircraft are designed to be compliant with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s noise standards.

Airbus’ commitment to improving the passenger experience doesn’t stop at the walls of the cabin: its extensive efforts to reduce aircraft noise are underscored by its efficient jetliner families – the quietest in the sky – ensuring operational freedom at airports with noise restrictions. Leading the way is Airbus’ 21st century flagship A380, which carries 42% more passengers than its nearest competitor but produces 50% less noise energy on departure, as well as three-to-four times less when landing.

The company places a high priority on noise reduction throughout its design processes, and is focussed on low-noise nacelle designs, acoustic treatment and low engine noise technologies in cooperation with engine manufacturers. Developments in this area include the Automatic Noise Abatement Departure Procedure (NADP), which optimises the thrust and flight path to reduce noise over populated areas.

Airbus supports the new noise stringency level adopted in February 2013 by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection – which lowered the current standard by seven decibels, coming into effect at the end of 2017. All Airbus development aircraft are designed to be compliant with the new standard.

Passengers experience initiatives

Travellers today want to make smart choices.

The hotel industry has successfully differentiated its products by showing their specific amenities and services in the booking path.  Hotels help customers get excited about their products.  Choosing a flight shouldn’t be any different.

Until recently, flight shopping only focused on price and schedule which is a problem for airlines and flyers.  It ignores the flight experience; it ignores product investment, innovation and differentiation!

Airbus believes that its aircraft design offers a superior flying experience giving the passenger and airlines more of what really matters: personal space, comfort and wellbeing on board.  

  • 90% of flyers care about comfort*
  • 53% of leisure flyers pay attention to aircraft type*
  • 61% of business travellers pay attention to aircraft type*
  • 65% of passengers would make an extra effort to fly on the A380**

Airbus Passenger Experience Initiatives include the Airspace by Airbus cabin brand, the Airbus Routehappy Alliance, and the booking assistant.  

* Atmosphere Research Group’s US Travel Online Study, Q1 2016; base US airline passengers

** Epinion survey at Heathrow Sept 2015

Airspace by Airbus

A330neo Airspace by Airbus Business class 2

The new Airspace cabin - now flying on the next generation A350 XWB - delivers the latest cabin innovation and design, creating a truly unique flight experience.  This includes ambient lighting and fresh air meaning passengers arrive refreshed, along with modern IFE keeping avid gamers and cinephiles happy.

Check  "Airspace by Airbus" website

Check "Airspace by Airbus" website

We are creating a new sensation

Routehappy alliance

Airbus has teamed up with Routehappy, the merchandising content platform for flight shopping, to accelerate the transformation of flight shopping from commoditised to differentiated.

The Airbus Routehappy alliance helps airlines create compelling, targeted merchandising content showcasing unique Airbus offerings such as seat width, personal space, inflight entertainment, connectivity, and jetlag-friendly ambient lighting when searching for flights on all sales channels.

Now travellers can see key A380 and A350 XWB product features and amenities on booking websites and will be able to make smart choices.

Four of the world’s leading carriers - Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Lufthansa Group and Singapore Airlines – are the first airlines to join the alliance. The Airbus and Routehappy program is expected to expand to additional airlines and Airbus aircraft later this year.

To learn more about Routehappy, visit: To learn more about why rich content matters, see Routehappy CEO Robert Albert at the Skift Global Forum.

For fans of the iconic double-decker jetliner, Airbus has launched, the innovative booking assistant where travellers can browse all A380 flights, destinations and airlines that operate A380s in their fleet.

Inspirational content and product attributes give travellers the information they want.  Passengers simply click on the desired flight and are taken to the airline website for final booking. 

A380 fans can also share feedback, pictures and videos that are displayed on the social wall. aims to inspire sales channels to use rich content and product attributes to sell flights beyond price and schedule. - Choose. Fly. Love A380.



Airbus’ A380, the preferred aircraft of passengers around the world.

Added value, smarter choices

Airbus believes in the superior design of its aircraft and how that adds value for airlines – giving airlines an extraordinary canvas to project their own unique airline brand and more space to create a unique passenger experience. 

Increased awareness of aircraft amenities and features means passengers can make smarter choices when selecting their next flight. As recent studies have shown, passengers not only care about what aircraft they are flying on but also what their flying experience will include.

Passenger Experience Initiatives – added value smarter choices.

How an aircraft is built

How an aircraft is built

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Airbus Family Figures


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