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Commonality: A Seamless Fit

Commonality: A Seamless Fit

Commonality is a multi-faceted airline benefit unique to Airbus. It means that the A330neo represents the simplest, lowest risk transition for your fleet.

A330 to A330neo: a seamless fit to maximise profitability

For the many customers flying A330 aircraft, the A330neo is, and will be, a seamless, low risk fit which delivers a 14% per seat reduction in fuel burn.

The same crews that currently fly the A330 can easily transition to flying the new plane. Pilots trained to fly the A330 are ready to take the controls of the A330neo after just half a day of computer-based self-study, as the same type rating applies across the two aircraft. Flight attendants require no additional training to work on the A330neo, and mechanics can achieve a Cross Maintenance Qualification (CMQ) within six days. 

The A330neo has been engineered using the latest technology to make key advances in aerodynamics, engine power and cabin design, but the aircraft retains commonality with the A330 across 95% of its parts and 85% of its tooling by value, so that ground and maintenance operations can continue seamlessly.

Commonality across these key factors – training, spares and tooling – deliver a $4million saving per aircraft, compared to the cost of integrating a similar competitor aircraft into an existing A330 fleet.

airbus chart

Part of the family

Commonality extends between the A330neo and other Airbus aircraft. Pilots can fly both the A330neo and A350 XWB under one licence, and only need to perform difference training, for instance. Thanks to similar handling characteristics across both aircraft, a full flight simulator course is not required and it takes pilots only eight days to qualify from one type to the other.

As part of the wider Airbus fly-by-wire family, the A330neo benefits from the advantages of Cross Crew Qualification – which uniquely shortens the training requirements between Airbus aircraft types – and Mixed Fleet Flying, allowing pilots to hold more than one type of qualification and fly different aircraft types from one flight to the next.

For airlines, this means reduced training investment and optimised pilot rostering. For pilots, it means the chance to increase their proficiency and diversify their skill-set.

Common cockpit philosophy

The A330neo delivers advanced functionality in the cockpit, designed with a common cockpit philosophy in mind to create the same look and feel as other Airbus aircraft.

Take a look below at the A330neo cockpit featuring A350XWB functionality.

AC 564 01 20150810 PP A330 COCKPIT BY NIGHT 039 Def
Harmonised Primary Flight Display
Electronic Flight Bag & Skywise connectivity
Light Satcom
FANS-C enabled
SBAS and GBAS Landing Systems
Wireless Flightdata Loading System
Take-off surveillance

The A330neo delivers advanced versatility, efficiency and profitability with a uniquely seamless transition across the Airbus family.

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