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Advanced Technology


Advanced Technology

As the latest widebody on the market, the A330neo uses the most advanced technology to deliver greater efficiency, versatility and, ultimately, profitability for those who fly it.

Find out more about the advances in each of these areas. 


Airbus used the latest design modelling technology, developed during the A350 XWB programme, to ensure that the new Trent 7000 engine would seamlessly integrate with the A330neo. In an industry first, A330neo engineers utilised 3D laser scanning techniques to compare final parts to the computer models, ensuring a high confidence level that the design becomes reality and the reality will deliver as designed. 

Optimised from root to tip, the A330neo wing delivers 4% fuel-burn reduction compared to the previous generation A330, through aerodynamic improvements made possible by this state-of-the-art design technology.

Explore the optimisations in more detail below:

Airbus A330neo Hotspot Image
High-span wing
Wing twist
Inner wing engine integration
A350 XWB-style Sharklet


The A330neo is designed to be efficient on any sector length. Its predecessor, the A330, operated on routes ranging from 30 minutes to over 14 hours. A higher Maximum Take-Off Weight increases the range of the A330neo by up to 1,500nm, and the Trent 7000 offers multiple thrust ratings to ensure maximum engine efficiency, whatever the mission.

With these key advances made to optimise thrust ratings and take-off weight options, the A330neo delivers the lowest seat-mile economics, whatever the sector length.


Importantly, the A330neo is an aircraft you can trust. When a 1% improvement in reliability can save $2million per aircraft every 15 years, every aspect of reliability counts. In just 10 months since EIS, some airlines are already exceeding 99.4% operational reliability, making the A330neo an industry leader in this key contributor to profitability.

airbus chart

Ensuring safe operation, maximising time in the air and of course profitability are key priorities. Through technology enhancements and airframe improvements, the maintenance costs for the A330neo are already 25% lower than early A330s, and Airbus engineers are continually pursuing further savings. Thanks to introduction of longer interval checks, new components and fewer fatigue tasks, the A330neo delivers a step-change in maintenance requirements that adds directly to your bottom line.

Airbus’ secure cloud-based platform, Skywise, puts the power of data to work. During every A330neo flight, 30Gb of data is generated from 40,000 sensors that are processed through Skywise’s powerful algorithms. These deliver actionable insights around predictive maintenance, flight operation optimisation and more. All this big data helps to keep the A330neo earning revenue in the air and to take your profitability to new heights.

Click here to find out more about advances in the Trent 7000.  

Click here to find out more about advances in the Trent 7000.

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