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Airbus Passenger Aircraft Family Formation - A320 - A330 - A340- A350 - A380

Orders and Deliveries

Commercial Aircraft

Latest Commercial Aircraft figures

Check out our order and delivery summary at a glance in the table below. Data is valid as of 28th February.

For a full listing including details on customers and regions, as well as historical data for the previous year go to the download section below.


February 2021 deliveries: 32 to 20 customers (Inc: 2 A220, 29 A320 Family (2ceo, 27neo), 1 A350)

February 2021 orders: 11

2021 deliveries to date: 53 to 27 customers     


  A300/A310 A220/A320 A330/A340/A350 A380 Total
Total orders 816
16128 3100 251 20295
Total deliveries 816
9886 2297
246 13245
Aircraft in fleet 299 9353 2070 242 11964

Details of orders & deliveries

Press Releases for 2021

Airbus 2020 deliveries demonstrate resilience

Global Market Forecast 2019-2038

Global Market Forecast 2019-2038

Past annual results - press releases

Airbus 2020 deliveries demonstrate resilience


Airbus delivers strong 2019 commercial aircraft performance


Airbus achieves new commercial aircraft delivery record in 2018

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Airbus Commercial Aircraft delivers record performance


Airbus achieves targets proving ramp-up readiness in 2016

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Airbus exceeds targets in 2015 – delivers the most aircraft ever

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Airbus exceeds targets in 2014 and prepares for the future


Airbus sets new records in orders, deliveries and backlog

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Airbus beats order target and sets new company delivery records

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Airbus marks 2011 with record order and delivery numbers

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Airbus hits new record aircraft deliveries in 2010

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Airbus achieves record aircraft deliveries in 2009

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Orders & deliveries

Global Market Forecast 2019-2038

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