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Give wings to your lifestyle

Space that takes your lifestyle to the world

Airbus’ ACJ320 corporate jet is around twice as wide as traditional high-end business jets, with a similar external length and wingspan.

Innovation is Airbus’ hallmark and Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) is continuing to develop this heritage by expanding its successful corporate jet family with two cutting-edge new members: the ACJ319neo and ACJ320neo, both of which are based on the company’s best-selling A320neo (new engine option) airliner family. Elevating comfort to new heights and flying passengers to new horizons, by taking advantage of the most modern technology, these spacious corporate jets offer customers the ability to take their luxurious lifestyles with them wherever they go.

The ACJ319neo and ACJ320neo retain all of the advantages of Airbus’ ACJ320 Family corporate jetliners: including the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet. In addition, they offer a lower cabin altitude, equivalent to an average of less than 6,400 ft. – delivering an atmosphere that is even closer to that experienced on the ground and offering enhanced passenger comfort. A lower cabin altitude makes the most sense on long flights, especially during the phase when an aircraft is at its highest cruising altitude, ensuring passengers feel refreshed and energised upon arrival. The very-latest generation engines reduce cabin noise helping create a calm and pleasurable flight experience.

NEO benefits

The intercontinental range of Airbus’ ACJ319 allows it to fly non-stop on routes such as Beijing-Moscow, Jeddah-London or Paris-New York

The ACJ319neo and ACJ320neo are available with two of the industry’s latest-generation engines: CFM International’s LEAP-1A and Pratt & Whitney’s PW1100G, both of which offer further enhancements in range and efficiency. These powerplants’ lower fuel-burn provides additional range, along with lower levels of engine noise and emissions. Both engines have larger diameters than those of its competitor, whose 1960s origins limit the size of what will fit beneath its wing today. In addition, the ACJneo aircraft’s turbofan engines incorporate new technologies that include improved aerodynamic flows, advanced materials and higher pressure-ratios – all contributing to reduced fuel consumption.


The incorporation of 2.4-metre-tall wingtip Sharklets on the ACJ319neo and ACJ320neo saves fuel by reducing drag, while also improving takeoff and landing performance. These devices already are in widespread service on airliner versions of the A320 Family, and are flying on the ACJ320 Family as new-build and retrofit options as well.

The ACJ319neo is offered with up to five additional centre tanks (ACT) in its cargo-hold for increased on-board fuel capacity, which matches the five ACT that some of today’s ACJ319 operators currently utilise.  The disposition of the ACT in the ACJ319neo’s cargo-hold is also improved, allowing up to 18.4m3/650ft3 more baggage to be carried when three or more  ACT are fitted. 

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