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Airbus Passenger Aircraft Family Formation - A320 - A330 - A340- A350 - A380

Commercial Aircraft

Airbus’ diverse product line includes everything from passenger jetliners to freighters and private jets. With each of the company’s aircraft family boasting cutting-edge design, superior comfort and unparalleled efficiency, they are setting the standard for the modern aviation industry.

No matter who is flying, whether it is VIPs or government officials, frequent-flying business passengers or vacationers jetting off for a well-deserved break, passengers can relax knowing that every aspect of an Airbus aircraft has been designed to be as comfortable, efficient and innovative as possible – creating pleasant environments for passengers, pilots and crew.

Ranging in size from 100-seat jetliners to the double-deck A380 that is capable of transporting more than 850 passengers, the total versatility of Airbus’ product line allows it to offer a variety of tailored solutions to meet the needs of any airline and their market – from low-cost and full-service carriers to the air freight and VIP transport segments – while continuously ensuring the very best in efficiency and experience.

Our product portfolio

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A320 Family

A330 Family

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A340 Family

A market leader, now and in the future

Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer whose customer focus, commercial know-how, technological leadership and manufacturing efficiency have propelled it to the forefront of the aviation and air transport industries. The company’s mission is to provide jetliners that are best-suited to the market's needs, and to support them with the highest quality of service.

Airbus’ modern and comprehensive product line – for which the company has received more than 19,000 orders globally – comprises highly-successful families of aircraft ranging from 100 to more than 850 seats.

Commercial aircraft services

Airbus applies cutting-edge technology and advanced science to support its global customer base with a wide range of flexible service options. The company understands the importance of providing customers with the best-possible solutions, and constantly strives to innovate and implement increasingly efficient methods.

This quest for efficiency creates genuine value, limiting time that aircraft spend on the ground and making sure they are flying at full capacity when in the air – creating real savings for customers.

Airbus Customer Services

Airbus Customer Services

To help airlines operate their fleets

Airbus’ A350-1000 supports the fight against COVID-19


The longest-fuselage member of Airbus’ A350 Family – the A350-1000 – is playing a key role in the fight against COVID-19. In early April, the aircraft transported 4 million protective masks from China to Europe – where they will be donated to governments of the Airbus home countries, namely France, Germany, Spain and the UK. Read less Read more

Unmatched passenger comfort

Passenger comfort is a major design consideration for Airbus, which is why the company’s product line of modern jetliners has built a reputation for delivering the most enjoyable experiences aloft today. Airbus cabins are designed to meet diverse passenger expectations, delivering comfort and efficiency, and ensuring that airlines have a versatile space to meet changing market needs.

The high level of comfort is provided through a wide range of technological advancements, including environmental control systems, ambient lighting, in-flight entertainment and more.

Maintenance Babcock H145 EMS 2017

Safety at Airbus

Cabin and Comfort

Cabin and Comfort

The highest standards

Orders & Deliveries
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How an aircraft is built

The product of cooperation



   The history of Airbus

The history of Airbus

1967 to today

U.S.-based Spirit Airlines – which finalised a purchase agreement with Airbus for 100 A320neo Family aircraft – will receive a mix of A319neo, A320neo, and A321neo

Rising to the challenge (2020)

Commercial Aircraft history

Latest commercial aircraft news and stories

Airbus Corporate Jets demonstrates resilience

The Coalition for the Energy of the Future unveils its first seven concrete actions and welcomes three new members


Air Côte d’Ivoire receives its first Airbus A320neo


A step closer to a brand new Airspace cabin experience

First UPS’ A300 facelift completed


Airbus sites gear up for the A321XLR’s Major Component Assembly phase


Commercial aircraft media gallery

UPS A300 600F Cockpit Upgrade 1    
UPS A300 600F Cockpit Upgrade 2    
AIRBUS UPS A300 Cockpit Upgrade    
AIX 2019 Janelle Anderson & Ingo Wuggetzer    
Cabin disinfection methods    
A320 Hangar FAL    
First Aircalin A320neo on ferry flight    
Uganda Airlines receives first A330neo    
First A330neo delivery for Uganda Airlines    
Uganda Airlines A330neo infographic    
Air Greenland A330neo    
JetBlue A220-300 inaugural test flight    
Covid-19 Vaccine1    
A320 Airspace Hero 14    
Kuwait Airways A330neo    
Qantas A321 P2f Enters Into Service    
Qantas A321 P2f Enters Into Service Interior    
Delivery of first A220 produced in the U.S.    
A321LR SAS Scandinavian Airlines    
Air Côte d'Ivoire A320neo infographic    
1st A320neo delivery to Air Côte d'Ivoire    
A330-800 certification – Infographic    
Airbus Commercial Aircraft OandDs 2019    
A321XLR infographic    
A350-900 SAS Infographic    
A220 flying on 300+ routes – Infographic    
A220 flying on 300+ routes – Infographic    
Fiji Airways A350 infographic    
Infographic: BelugaXL receives EASA Type Certification    
A330 demo tour of Pacific region infographic    
IndiGo A320neo Infographic    
Hangar 245 infographic    
Air France A350-900 infographic    
Air France A350-900 infographic  (French)    
Hi Fly A330neo – Infographic    
Kuwait Airways A320neo Infographic    
Airbus A220 - Conçu pour l'efficacité    
Airbus A220 - Purpose built for efficiency    
Aircalin takes delivery of its first of two A330neo aircraft    
A220, Purpose-Built for Efficiency      
L’A220, conçu spécialement pour une efficacité optimale      
Airbus Commercial Aircraft - Highlights 2020      
The worldwide success of A330 continues      
Cabin air flow and ventilation in an Airbus aircraft: How does it work?      
Airspace A320 Video      
Airbus Chief Executive Officer      
Chairman of Airbus Board of Directors      
Airbus’ A350-1000 supports the fight against COVID-19      
COVID 19 Protect myself and others      
COVID 19 Protect myself and others      
COVID 19 Protect myself and others      
COVID 19 Protect myself and others      
In the making: Aeroflot’s first A350-900      
Delivery ceremony for Aeroflot’s first A350-900      
Singapore Airshow 2020      
In the making: First A320neo for Batik Air      
BelugaXL in operational service      
Airbus aircraft deliveries in 2019      
Airbus and its oversize cargo aircraft      
Last A380 Roll Out Station 40 In Toulouse      
BelugaXL Entry to service in Getafe - Footage      
A350-1000 Airbus in Toulouse - unloading masks      
A350-1000 in Tianjin - masks loading covid-19      
Delivery of  COVID-19 masks for German government      
Airbus flight to Tianjin      
Roll-Out of All Nippon Airways’ third A380 from the Paintshop - BRoll      
Air Senegal Announcement at Dubai Airshow 2019      
Air Arabia signature at Dubai Airshow 2019      
Emirates announcement at Dubai Airshow 2019      
A220-300 Air Canada paintshop rollout      
Aircalin’s first A330neo: Final Assembly Line Poste 40      
Aircalin’s first A330neo: first flight      
Static planes change at Paris Airshow 2019      
A321XLR Indigo Partners MoU at Paris Airshow 2019      
Cebu Pacific MOU at Paris Airshow 2019 - Day 2      
Virgin Atlantic announcement at Paris Airshow - PAS 2019 Day 1      
Virgin Atlantic announcement at Paris Airshow - PAS 2019 Day 1      
Air Lease Corporation Announcement at Paris Airshow 2019      

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