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Supply Chain Management

With the increasing challenges that Airbus and the global aerospace market face – where 70% is sourced externally – Supply Chain Management has a key role to play in supporting the business, delivering savings and ensuring sustained performance. This function is all about developing a world class supply chain for the future. 

The Airbus Procurement organisation – including Supply Chain and Purchasing activities – is an international team responsible for negotiating, contracting, procuring and managing all the equipment, materials and services needed for the assembly of aircraft, on time, on costs and on quality.

The team has an annual spend of more than €20 billion and works with over 10,000 suppliers to ensure that Airbus is capable of producing an aircraft made of seven million parts in just 6 hours.

Key responsibilities:

  • Identify and qualify suppliers, analysing their capacity to deliver
  • Conduct performance management audits, implement improvements and drive supplier development
  • Ensure delivery of material and equipment through the most appropriate ordering and logistics solutions
  • Negotiate and ensure effective management of contracts



  • Solve operational issues on-site and develop suppliers, for example through re-engineering processes and manufacturing resources to ensure performance is in line with Airbus expectations
  • Spend about 90% of time off-site at supplier locations around the world


  • Assess, manage and implement improvements in the supply chain process with strategic partners and suppliers
  • Manage all operational performance aspects of suppliers and work with them to maximise their ability to meet quality, delivery and cost objectives
  • Work closely with suppliers to ensure that all Airbus programmes are supported in the short and long-term


  • Manage suppliers at different stages of the relationship with Airbus (sourcing, selecting, contracting) by assessing performance, communicating efficiently and monitoring contracts
  • Provide best purchasing conditions to support the business and ensure long-term performance

Qualification required: A degree in Supply Chain or other relevant technical discipline (such as Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering or Quality) is preferred.

Experience: Field Engineers need experience in Lean and 6-Sigma methodologies plus industry knowledge of supply chain issues. Quality Managers need knowledge of supply chain management, experience in supplier relationship management and the ability to lead a team of engineers. Buyers need excellent negotiation skills.

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