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Services Solutions

Airbus has a well-earned reputation for high quality after-sales technical support across its entire range of products. The development of ‘Services Solutions’, as a key competency, is a significant step for us. We can offer our customers additional value-added services and solutions that enhance customer profitability and performance.

This means a different way of approaching our services’ business and encouraging true innovative thinking. The people who work in the Customer Services teams have operational experience of aircraft design, aircraft operation and the airline industry.

However, in some areas, we regularly recruit engineers direct from engineering schools. They are able to gradually build their operational knowledge and experience through working with the design office, as well as with suppliers and airline customers. The experience they accumulate allows them to take on a broader range of responsibilities within the Customer Services’ organisation and within Airbus.


Engineering Support: For all programmes, timely and consistent solutions need to be established and delivered in response to the technical aircraft structure and systems issues raised by customers.

Repair Engineers:

Timely and consistent repair solutions, based on the damage report supplied by the customer, need to be established and delivered for all programmes.

Development of the Structural Repair Manual needs to be managed, from the definition of the needs for new aircraft to the update to cover in-service experience for all fleets.

 Flight Operations Engineers:

Provide customer flight operations with the necessary data to operate the whole Airbus family of aircraft safely and efficiently.

Design and support flight operation documentation, training data, aircraft performance, performance training, electronic flight bag, human factors, flight operations monitoring and operational support.

These engineering roles require highly developed technical and customer expertise in the aerospace sector, as well as business acumen, exceptional customer engineering support skills and the ability to contribute value-added input. Fluency in English is essential, as is the ability to work in a multinational environment.

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