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Quality Engineering

Customers expect the very highest level of quality from Airbus, with safety as a paramount requirement. So, for us, quality isn’t just about the need for components to meet certain standards, it’s about embedding the concept of quality within the entire lifecycle of our products: namely, from the design and manufacturing stages, to the final assembly processes and product support, including the supply chain.

Quality Engineering covers a very broad area. It is very much part of the backbone of what the company does, transcending both geographic and functional boundaries. It aims to set proper quality standards at the earliest stage, to secure quality in subsequent stages of the industrial process, in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

Our teams set the quality management system, ensure the corresponding surveillance across the extended enterprise, and ensure product quality is under control; they are also key players in continuous improvement. This contributes to avoiding costly delays and maximises performance improvement, by emphasising a strong focus on the control and reduction of non-conformities and the resulting cost of non-quality.

As we increase production rates of both our single-aisle and long-range aircraft, including the A380, we know that setting ever-higher quality standards is critical to maintaining our success.

 Key responsibilities:

  • Establishing the proper Quality Management System, starting from airworthiness requirements
  • Ensuring that all activities, processes and people qualifications strictly adhere to these airworthiness driven requirements
  • Setting the surveillance and audits requirements and programmes accordingly
  • Performing final checks before products exit the line and at testing product conformity
  • Providing a rapid, effective response to problem resolution
  • Driving continuous improvement to secure proper process performance and enhance the upstream built-in quality of the aircraft


  • Quality Line Side
  • Quality Conformance

Qualification required: Ideally a degree in an engineering or quality management discipline; aeronautical engineering degree preferred.

Experience: We look for candidates with experience in the aerospace industry or from other sectors, such as the automotive industry. We are flexible about industry background because we are keen to recruit individuals who can bring new ideas into Airbus, as well as knowledge of other industry audit processes. Most importantly, we are looking for individuals who have a passion for quality and continuous improvement within a demanding aeronautical environment.

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