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Manufacturing Engineering

Faced with complex technologies and a steep increase in the rate of aircraft production, the production phase of new aircraft programmes is becoming a strategic challenge for us. Manufacturing Engineering sits at the very heart of our success in achieving new production goals.

Manufacturing Engineering is the interface between design and product, as it involves the interpretation of an initial drawing in order to turn it into reality. It is responsible for the development, commissioning, maintenance and enhancement of Airbus manufacturing systems, and is central to defining research and technology strategy.

Manufacturing Engineering is crucial to enable the business to achieve cost, quality and delivery targets across the entire value stream. It also seeks to harmonise ways of working by capturing synergies, integrating systems and sharing best practice across an international environment.

Key responsibilities:

  • Lead change through method and process improvement
  • Identify, develop and maintain cutting-edge systems
  • evelop and deploy metrology solutions
  • Design and engineer jigs and tools
  • Provide support to procurement
  • Develop new industrial process
  • Investigate new technologies

Key profiles:

We are looking for engineers and technicians to support the following:

  • Jigs and tools design and engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Process planning
  • Design for manufacture and assembly
  • Emerging technologies research

Qualification required: A degree in aerospace, aeronautical, mechanical or manufacturing engineering – ideally in a composites field – would be an advantage.

Experience: Experience in the aerospace industry or another relevant industrial sector is essential. Also important is fluency in English, computer literacy and a good knowledge of project management, as well as lean tools and techniques.

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