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Management of External Work Packages

With the Airbus business model constantly evolving, we are outsourcing an increasing amount of activity to strategic partners. As such, the management of external work packages is key to driving growth and ensuring that the company continues to deliver its customer targets. Our focus, internally, is now on employing and developing engineers who are able to integrate and manage complex outsourced projects on a global basis – such as components, systems or designs.

In this critical coordination role, we must engage with suppliers in a more collaborative way, including involvement on products and projects from the very start. As such, this is a challenging area with exposure to different working cultures and styles.

Key responsibilities:

  • Act as the interface between Airbus and strategic partners
  • Work alongside partners from definition phase to develop initial solution
  • Guarantee and validate deliveries to and between partners
  • Manage dataflow, instructions and documentation


  • Customer Team Leader: Responsible for all components/systems of the package, ensuring parties are working to the same time, cost, quality and performance objectives.
  • Experts: Technical specialists in various functions including engineering, manufacturing, quality, support and customer service.

Qualification required: A degree in engineering or other relevant technical discipline is preferable, but not essential, if the candidate has significant related experience.

Experience: Team Leaders require a technical background, as well as knowledge of programme development and Airbus products. Experts need highly-developed technical skills and an understanding of how to manage third party contracts. Candidates for both roles will have experience in aeronautics or a related industry, along with solid negotiation, organisation and management skills.

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