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Electrical Design/Integration

The Electrical Design team deals with the electrical links within and between each aircraft system from air conditioning, lights, flight controls, hydraulics, cabin systems, fuel, landing gears and electrical generation. The key challenge for Electrical Design is to convert or translate the electrical links defined in drawings into reality for the multitude of electrical systems available in aircraft, as well as all of the electrical components that are part of each system.

Basically the electrical design team needs to understand the systems functionalities, basic safety state of the arts, regulations, harness manufacture, harness installation in the aerostructure and configuration control.

As different elements of Airbus aircraft are made around the world. The role of the electrical design team is also to understand the required interconnections between each part of a plane that contains electrics – all elements work concurrently in terms of electrical interdependencies.

Key responsibilities/objectives:

  • Transferring systems design principles into a workable reality
  • Supplier/partner liaison, as an increasing amount of Airbus work is managed by partner organisations, the electrical design team must ensure that all projects are carried out efficiently, synchronised and to the agreed specifications.


  • Electrical Systems Architecture & Integration

Qualification required: A Degree in engineering is preferred but not essential if the candidate has strong practical experience throughout the overall electrical engineering process.

Experience: it is essential for candidates to have extensive experience working on real electrical engineering projects and be able to demonstrate how you solved problems and conflicts encountered. Candidates should also have good knowledge of systems design, 3D modelling design, manufacturing, systems safety and industrial processes. You must be self-motivated and not afraid to be ‘hands on’ and get stuck in to sort out aircraft problems.

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