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Configuration Management

Configuration Management (CM) is a key driver of quality assurance throughout the lifecycle of a product by managing and controlling what is being developed and produced. It has an impact on all Airbus activities from product development, engineering and manufacturing, through to project, programme and quality management. As such, it is fully embedded within aircraft architecture and integration.

The Configuration Management Center of Competence is based within the Design Office with operational teams working across all business functions, programmes and sites. Due to our partnering and global supply chain approach, and product complexity, the role of Configuration Management is becoming increasingly important, and there are fantastic opportunities to gain experience across a multitude of departments.

Configuration Management is about understanding every aspect of a product and how it is developed. No new product developments can begin until Configuration Management has documented and approved the development plan.

Key responsibilities:

  • Product identification: breakdown aircraft into manageable physical and data items
  • Manage product offer
  • Change management: track and monitor all changes made in the development cycle 
  • Conformity & attestation: ensure that the specifications and the physical product are consistent, identify possible deviations and attest the product.


  • Configuration Manager
  • Change Leader
  • A/C Conformity Manager
  • CM Process Architect (product identification) 

Qualification required: A degree in engineering or other relevant technical discipline is preferred but not essential if you have solid practical experience.

Experience: It is essential that you have excellent communication and influencing skills, are self motivated and have the ability to act autonomously. You can understand technical issues and recommend appropriate solutions. CMII qualification and a systems integration or engineering background would be useful.

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