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Composites Manufacturing & Assembly

Aerospace is the leading sector in the development and manufacture of composite materials, which are becoming increasingly important and more widely used throughout the Airbus product range.

For example, 25% of the A380 is produced using composite materials and it is projected that over 50% of the A350 will be composite-based, including elements such as the wings and fuselage.

Composite materials maximise weight reduction (typically 20% less weight than aluminium), and are known to be more reliable with a longer lifespan than other traditional metallic materials; therefore reducing aircraft maintenance costs, and frequency of inspections during service. 

There is massive investment being placed in developing technologies to improve the speed of composite manufacturing, as the production of composites is more complicated than traditional metallic materials. However, the advantage to the material is that integrated structures and systems (e.g. aircon ducts, hydraulics, etc) can be produced more easily, leading to cost reduction at the assembly stage.


  • Process Engineering
  • Industrial Architect
  • Technology and Tool Development

Qualification required: experienced engineers preferably with a Masters Degree in mechanical engineering, or similar discipline.

Experience: it is essential to have previous working knowledge of composite materials, an understanding of the industrial process and awareness of the design skills required when using composites.

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